About Performance Vision
Performance Vision (PV)  is a leading vendor in the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and network visibility markets. PV provides a range of innovative solutions that helps IT managers obtain a global vision of their infrastructure as well as application performance and usage. More than 250 customers use PV for their daily IT operations.
Unlike most competitors, PV’s decoding capabilities are not limited to tops but bring quick in-depth root cause analysis at the transaction level for all HTTP(S), SQL, CIFS/SMB, DNS and VoIP traffic.


Core Business
In response to the new conditions imposed by distributed virtualized datacenter infrastructures, PV has, since 2012, pioneered to provide a new breed of N/APM devices that are available as Virtual Appliances for virtual environments:

  • Deploying numerous virtual probes at reasonable cost
  • Capturing virtual traffic with the help of native functionalities (e.g. vSwitch and Virtual Distributed Switch from VMware)
  • Concentrating all monitoring data for both physical and virtual traffic into a single information base, and
  • Monitoring SDN traffic.


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