LiveAction - Livewire Edge Appliance - für Kupfer Gigabit Netzwerk-Monitoring

Extend visibility with
packet capture and deep packet analysis

  • Wire Data is tapped into the network
  • Takes a copy of raw packets streams
  • Exports Packets into LiveFlow
    • Analyzed in LiveNX
  • Can also perform direct packet analysis.
    • Analyzed in Omnipeek


LiveFlow is based on the IETF IP Information Export protocol and includes proprietary designated fields by LiveAction for enhanced application and performance monitoring and diagnostics.

How Do I Troubleshoot a Remote Network Without Traveling to the Location?

Remote Network Visibility

  • Plug-and-Play – ships with zero configuration necessary
  • Collect key network performance indicators, including VoIP, and display the results in your web browser
  • Remote monitoring made easy, from anywhere, including mobile devices


As your company grows and your work becomes more distributed, you need a single, integrated solution that addresses remote monitoring and troubleshooting to keep IT costs down and enterprise productivity up.


With LiveWire you can monitor all of your remote networks from virtually anywhere. With IPFIX Export, LiveWire integrates with LiveNX to display active flows for end to end visibility, and Alerts allowing NetOps to quickly drill down to the packets using Omnipeek to find issues quickly and resolve with lower MTTR.

How Do I Troubleshoot Video Conferencing That Is Not Operating as Expected?

VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting

  • Gain visibility into issues arising from using unified communications (UC)
  • Dedicated, web-based VoIP dashboards provide key performance indicators and long-term trending
  • Affordable solution that can be deployed across all of an enterprise’s remote locations


Voice over IP (VoIP) monitoring and troubleshooting are unique in the quality parameters and ranges that are needed to have clear communications. Delay, jitter and/or packet loss can all lead to a poor experience.


LiveWIre, with LiveNX integration, provides proactive alerts when conditions change. In addition, with Call Detail Records and SIP control plane packet decodes, the exact interaction and parameters can be diagnosed for rapid problem isolation and resolution.

I Have a Complex Network, Which Segment Has the Problem?

Distributed Enterprises

  • Network-wide operational intelligence – offers invaluable enterprise insights
  • Multi-segment analysis (MSA) – measure application and network latency between remote networks and the data centers
  • Point-of-sale (POS) terminal monitoring – visualize, detect, and diagnose issues


Companies are increasingly relying on applications for business-critical tasks, making application performance a key issue. Network disruptions are now business disruptions, and the worst disruptions can sometimes have financial or even legal consequences.


Multi-segment analysis is a valuable tool for accelerating the mean time to resolution of application-level issues. By automating the process of gathering network data from multiple network segments and/or multi-tiered applications, the troubleshooting process becomes much simpler; and a whole new level of network insight can be achieved.

The LiveWire Performance, Specs and Features

LiveWire Edge LiveWire Core LiveWire PowerCore
Forensic Capture (CTD) Up to 850MB Up to 4GB Up to 20GB
Export to LiveNX Up to 160MB Up to 3GB Up to 16GB
Memory  16GB   32GB  192GB
Storage Capacity  1TB SSD  16TB  64TB 
Device Dimensions / Weight 7-by-1.7-by-5.7-inches; 2.64 lbs 1U, 39 lb. 2U, 73 lb.
Omnipeek Yes Yes Yes
VoIP Analysis Yes Yes Yes

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