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Optimise your entire network
from Core to Edge to Cloud

LiveNX from LiveAction is a real game changer. By creating a comprehensive view of network performance and proactively identifying network problems, the network department regains control with a unified network performance monitoring and diagnostics platform.

Next Generation
Network Monitoring Software for Enterprises

LiveNX is the only network performance management platform with the scale and power to optimise your entire network.

Network Data

Unify data from all areas – data flow, packets, SNMP, WiFi and APIs – on a single platform.

Network-Wide Visibility

Gain complete visibility into network applications in multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-cloud networked environments.

Network Performance

Proactively identify, easily troubleshoot and quickly resolve network and application performance issues wherever they occur.

LiveNX offers the necessary
performance and scalability
for comprehensive network optimisation

LiveNX provides end-to-end network visualisation, analysis and reporting for network-wide performance optimisation.

Uniform data
on a single platform

See the entire network by unifying data from virtually anywhere – WAN, SD-WAN, WiFi, remote sites, data centres and multi-cloud including AWS and Azure.

Unified data on a single platform - LiveNX Screenshot

Visual analysis for application troubleshooting - video

Visual analyses
for troubleshooting in applications

LiveNX’s network visualisation and analysis can quickly identify network optimisation issues and improve the performance of applications such as voice, video and instant messaging.

Integrated analysis
at flow and package level

With LiveWire, you can quickly move from flow analysis to packet analysis to troubleshoot at a forensic level, using both real-time and historical playback data. LiveWire is designed for use at remote sites, branch offices, WAN edge, public clouds and data centres.

Integrated flow and packet level analysis

Anpassbare Dashboards und erweiterte Berichte

Customisable dashboards
and extended reports

Simplify dashboards and reports with out-of-the-box standard reports and customisable report templates for network operations, executives and capacity planning. These reports can be scheduled or run ad hoc.

Proactive alerting
and detection of anomalies

LiveNX provides criterion-specific alerts that are aggregated from multiple events so that only those alerts that require immediate attention are displayed. In addition, the LiveNX Insight module uses machine learning for proactive anomaly detection and path change notifications.

Proactive alerts and anomaly detection - video

QoS-Überwachung, Alarmierung und Management - Video

QoS monitoring,
-warning and -management

Monitor QoS performance on a class basis, set up alerts based on severity for proactive notification of application problems, and edit, create and apply QoS policies for Cisco routers and Layer 3 switches.

application monitoring

The LiveNX User Experience module monitors the end-user experience to provide insights into the availability and performance of web-based applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft 360 or other applications.

Web-basierte Applikationsüberwachung - Video

SD-WAN Visuelle Analysen und Management - Video

Visual SD-WAN
analysis and management

LiveNX provides visual analytics and management for Cisco-specific REST APIs (e.g. DNA Center and vManage) and third-party network elements to review and optimise application performance.

Use Cases

Maximise the value of Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) with LiveNX to ensure service delivery.

Using LiveNX compared to CLI

Configuring complex QoS policies via CLI is often error-prone and time-consuming for most organisations. Use LiveNX to implement QoS and ensure mission-critical application performance.

Key to a successful QoS implementation

  • Use the GUI interface to generate CLI to optimise QoS policies with Cisco Best Practices templates
  • Enable faster QoS implementations
  • Solve performance problems more efficiently

LiveNX QOS Monitoring

LiveNX Server Appliance

LiveNX is offered in different packages for easy deployment. LiveNX’s server package includes LiveUX, LiveInsight and LiveAgent modules for a comprehensive all-in-one SD-WAN platform for monitoring network performance.

Get the most out of your SD-WAN initiative

Ensuring the quality of customer satisfaction and ROI

The move to SD-WAN introduces a new network construct. This increases the complexity of change management, enforcing end-to-end service policies, troubleshooting and resolving faults in the network. It requires real-time visibility across the network.

Improve application performance and reduce costs

  • Deep understanding of application traffic with end to end flow visibility, QoS and path control.
  • Dashboard and reports on traffic classes/applications
  • Configuration of alarm thresholds and reports


Speed up troubleshooting of voice and video application issues with LiveNX.

Maintain availability of business-critical collaboration, unified communications, voice and video applications

Video exposes all the vulnerabilities in your network. The continued reliance and popularity of video conferencing places even greater demands on your network.

Identify, analyse and resolve underlying performance issues

Make QoS configuration changes easily and quickly

  • Improve user experience through consistent quality and adherence to SLAs
  • Faster problem resolution compared to traditional CLI troubleshooting

Troubleshooting voice and video applications

Prepare for network needs, now and tomorrow

Who – or what – is consuming all your bandwidth?

Without end-to-end network visibility, it can be difficult to fathom how much capacity is being used and understand bandwidth constraints so you can plan your network capacity effectively.

Too few or too many resources may be provisioned, causing you to experience poor application performance or pay for more bandwidth than you need.

Live NX takes the work out of capacity planning and bandwidth management

  • Understand current resource consumption by location, application, class and more
  • Reduce costs by only paying for the bandwidth you need
  • Establish a baseline so you know how applications work and avoid bandwidth loss and poor application performance

Bandwidth Management and Capacity Planning

Improve the user experience with LiveNX

Detailed visibility of performance at application level

Not knowing if it is a network or application problem can waste valuable time trying to find a solution.

Summarising visibility and breaking down to relevant changes

  • Full historical replay to identify application traffic changes and bandwidth conflicts
  • Graphical reporting of QoS, AVC, Medianet, PerfMon, PfR and IP SLA for faster troubleshooting

Application Performance Analsysis and Troubleshooting

Transparency and insight to protect your network

Prevent end-user problems before they occur

Devices and cloud applications from different manufacturers can leave gaps in network visibility. This also makes it difficult to identify the root cause of suspicious traffic. To stop malicious traffic and hacks, you need visibility everywhere and the ability to perform forensics to determine the root cause.

You cannot stop what you cannot see

  • Comprehensive insights into all your network and application data
  • Visualisation of user behaviour and traffic patterns relevant to detect, identify and block attackers while eliminating malicious traffic
  • Anomaly detection and DVR Ability to identify events or observations that do not match an expected pattern

Achieve the Visiblity Necessary to Protect Your Networks

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