Offering Brings Hybrid-Cloud Capable Solutions
to Asia Pacific-based Enterprises through a Credible Channel

Symbol photo - Cooperation NEOX NETWORKS and APEIRO NETWORKS

April 15, 2024 (Langen, Germany) – NEOX NETWORKS is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Apeiro Networks as part of its ongoing commitment to enhance its Next-Generation Network Visibility portfolio for its customers and partners globally. Under the terms of this partnership, Apeiro Networks will act as the leading value-added reseller (VAR) for NEOX solutions in selected Asia Pacific countries.

NEOX provides a full range of network visibility solutions for hybrid-cloud IT observability, including Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, Packet Capture, and Packet Processing and Analysis physical and virtual appliances. The wide range of products from NEOX represents innovative technologies put together meticulously to ensure network uptime and availability for business continuity, as well as to solve multi-dimensional network challenges faced by IT Security and Application Operations teams. These challenges include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased demand for high-speed network traffic access, processing, and manipulation to feed to security and performance tools across Enterprises – up to 400Gbps.
  • Increased need for network intelligence for cybersecurity through visibility and analysis of network traffic in all directions, such as in Banking, Utilities, Healthcare, and Government sectors.
  • Increased desirability for accurate network data and metadata for low-latency applications, such as precise timestamping for High-Frequency Trading.
  • Increased operational efficiency such as reduced rack-space footprint, better economics and cost of ownership, and integration into existing IT infrastructure.
  • More enablement for cloud migration, or expansion to multi-cloud as part of overall IT digital transformation, cloud-first, and cloud-smart strategies.

“The partnership reflects both companies’ shared dedication to technological advancement in the field of network visibility and passion for customer satisfaction. The network is the single source of truth, and it gets “noisier” each day. Our solutions ensure that critical IT traffic is observable with confidence, selected sensitive data masked to comply with regulatory requirements and optimally delivered to the right tools for analysis. By combining our complementary strengths, we are confident in setting new benchmarks for the next generation network visibility solutions and providing our clients with unparalleled experience.” – Timur Özcan -– Founder and CEO of NEOX NETWORKS.

Apeiro Networks is a premium network infrastructure solutions provider with a distinctive foothold in Asia Pacific that has extensive experience in both hardware and software integration. Having been a transport solution provider for more than a decade, Apeiro Networks only works with leading-edge technology suppliers across the globe.

“We are both excited and honored to be entrusted by NEOX NETWORKS to extend their innovative products and services offering into selected priority countries in the Asia Pacific region. This alliance aligns with Apeiro’s strategic objectives to continuously innovate and enhance our service offerings, ensuring our regional clients benefit from the most optimal network visibility solutions and services available. The incorporation of NEOX’s comprehensive range of products into our portfolio not only diversifies our offerings but also strengthens our capability to address the complex and diverse needs of our clients.” – Thomas Yeo – CEO, Apeiro Networks.

NEOX’s Next-Gen Network Visibility solutions are designed and built in Germany, known for engineering excellence. What truly stands out is its ability to bring the best-of-the-breed technologies together, to solve complex IT challenges, while meeting regulatory requirements of customers’ industries.

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