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Garland Technology provides people the ability to look into their networks for total visibility. Every company needs total visibility for security, network visualization, network performance monitoring, forensics, deep packet capture,data leakage, compliance, and much more. Garland Technology is the foundation to all Network Monitoring by delivering Network Access to all your data. Garland Technology’s full line of Network Taps, Aggregation Taps, Bypass Taps, Regeneration Taps and the Filtering Aggregation Load Balancing is your Network Access Solution. Our Network Access Products are available for 10/100/1000, 1 Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit local and wide area networks.

Garland Technology is owned by two (2) veterans of the Tap Industry. They have a combination of twenty-five (25) years of designing, manufacturing, and selling Tap Technology.

The founders are Jerry Dillard CTO/Co-Owner and Chris Bihary CEO/Co-Owner.

Jerry Dillard, CTO/Co-owner of Garland Technology is the former owner of Dillard Technology. Jerry specializes in designing and manufacturing Network Tap Technology. Dillard Technology was a successful privately owned OEM Company founded in 2007 that developed network monitoring products – privately labeled for partners. Dillard Technology products are the foundation of Garland Technology solutions. This foundation product line of intelligent TAPs has been successfully deployed worldwide for active / passive monitoring of networks. Prior to Dillard Technology Jerry held positions with General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems, Optical Data Systems and several other technology companies. His solid background in network engineering and design provides him with the unique ability to understand the challenges of designing products for today’s complicated enterprise networks.

Jerry earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Birmingham graduating with honors – Summa Cum Laude. His Engineering expertise includes System design, FPGA coding, Micro-controller programming, schematic design, layout and mechanical design of the product’s enclosures.

“Chris and I have worked together for the past 7 years. We are passionate about growing this US based business. Dallas, Texas is a great area to continue to grow the R&D Services, Manufacturing, and logistical center for Garland Technology. Our team will continue to provide innovative products for the Network Access Technology marketplace. Networks are continuing to expand in size and speed. It is critical to have proper Network Access that guarantee’s 100% visibility to your enterprise networks.”

The CEO/Co-owner of Garland Technology is Chris Bihary, former owner and Director of the Americas for Network Critical. Chris opened Network Critical NA LLC in Buffalo New York in February 2005. He grew the Americas revenue from zero to over $13 million dollars of annual revenue. Jerry and Chris have been working together since 2005. Chris Bihary has been reselling Dillard Technology network Taps for the past 5 years at Network Critical. Jerry and Chris decided it was time to combine their successes and create Garland Technology. Prior to Network Critical, Chris worked as a VP of Sales for Ziphany, LLC. Ziphany is a software energy management company. His position before Ziphany was as the business development manager for Datacom Systems. Datacom Systems is a matrix switch and TAP vendor. Chris developed strong partner channels for all three companies.

“Jerry, our experienced team, and I are all passionate about growing a successful, profitable, and ethical company. We thought it made sense to partner up to supply the same quality products and service our customers know, but as the manufacturer providing the Garland Technology Edge. We are providing state of the art Network Access Hardware to provide companies the foundation to deploy security solutions, network visualization, application performance monitoring, probes, lawful interception, deep packet capture, and network analysis tools. It is a very exciting time in our industry with VSS Monitoring being purchased by Danaher and Anue Systems being purchased by IXIA. The marketplace is being validated by the investment community. The goal of Garland Technology is to provide every network 100% Visibility to your Data. We will develop our Network Access Product line to meet the challenges people face accessing their network traffic. I believe we have a competitive advantage as a privately held company in this expanding industry. I look forward to you working with Garland Technology so you can experience our team’s commitment to superior service, quality second to none, the unique Network Access product, and excellent technical support.”

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