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NIKSUN is the recognized world leader in empowering organizations to Know the Unknown. Since 1997, we have been committed to delivering the most innovative solutions for securing and optimizing the networks of over a thousand customers including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and service providers.

Our industry leading suite of scalable, forensics-based cyber security and network performance monitoring products provide customers with in-depth and actionable insight into security threats, performance issues, and compliance risks. NIKSUN’s patented real-time analysis and recording technology is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for securing and maintaining dynamic network infrastructure.

With our award-winning products and solutions, every piece of data traversing the network is simultaneously captured, inspected, mined, correlated and stored at rates through 100 Gbps – a capability exclusive to that of NIKSUN.

The single biggest challenge in solving the problems associated with cyber attacks and performance issues, is gaining prompt and actionable insight on the bewildering array of unknowns. With the ability to record, inspect, and analyze all network activity, NIKSUN enables customers to Know the Unknown – providing invaluable holistic insight to retrace incident paths and mitigate any damage done, in a fraction of the time.

Know the Unknown®

Using time-tested zero-loss packet capture technology, NIKSUN helps you create a faster, more secure cyber infrastructure based on the same products that powerfully secure over 1,000 enterprises and governments in over 30 countries.

For the first time ever, NIKSUN solutions allow you to unite industry-leading network security and performance monitoring with the most robust network search-engine of all time.

  • Combine the Powers of Security and Performance Monitoring into One Solution
  • Achieve and Exceed 100 Gbps Lossless Packet Capture
  • Scale to Terabits/Second with Cluster and Grid Ready Solutions
  • Store and Index Hours, Days, Weeks, Months or Years of Raw Data and/or Metadata
  • Experience World-Leading Super-Fast Query Response
  • Integrate Analytics from Link to Application Layer
  • Pull from Specialized Analytic Modules for Security, Performance, and Mobility

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