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Identify and diagnose network problems with OmniPeek

While other network analysis and monitoring systems report errors, OmniPeek fixes them! LiveAction products help you to keep and eye on your network health across different locations.

You can identify communication faults quickly, spot network and application problems before they occur and take steps to avoid these, significantly reducing the number of site visits a technician has to make, meaning of your business-critical applications are always readily available . Using OmniPeek’s trends, you’ll be able to identify changes in your network early on and combat problems to significantly improve the quality of your IT service.

The OmniPeek product family uses a console/agent structure, so you always get a clear view of your network’s performance in distributed environments. The individual product features are ideal for data centres, enterprises and network providers of any size.

As the first protocol analyser with a graphical user interface, OmniPeek analyses network traffic across all OSI Layers and can distinguish network errors from application problems. The technology is built on 20-years of development and can quickly and intuitively identify performance bottlenecks and is drill-down enabled for fault finding at packet level. Error messages are displayed to remove any ambiguity.

OmniPeek delivers what it promises and provides a clear view of network operations.

OmniPeek Highlights:

  • Best of its kind for measurements in the Ethernet to 40 Gb/s, Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and virtual environments.
  • Simple global analysis of duration, packet loss and retransmissions.
  • Evaluation both online and offline over long periods.
  • Flow-based expert analysis of all OSI layers.
  • Comprehensive metrics for network and application latency, as well as voice and video quality.
  • Intuitive statistics on communication partners, protocols, and traffic characteristics and their impact on network performance.
  • Provides both an overview and greater detail with excellent drill-down functions.
  • Provides auditable and accurate evidence.
  • Can be integrated with corporate policies (e.g. Privacy & Security).
  • Scalable to meet individual needs of networks of any size.
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Network Flow Analysis

OmniPeek provides a variety of tools that are ready to use for detailed analysis of conversational flow. These include the Packet Visualizer, which shows requests and responses between client and server, as well as multi-segment analysis, showing the speed and state of flow at different network points. What’s more, flow is displayed by means of payload reconstruction. Additionally, there are new conversation-oriented graphs, including tcptrace. Visual Expert also includes a “what-if” view, where it estimates and displays the effect on network performance resulting from network changes and changes to application parameters. The Compare View also helps you to detect communication problems within the flow, whilst still being able to view different network points.

OmniPeeks Expert Analysis displays its diagnoses after the call connection, running of the application or even visually in the interactive Compass dashboard, so you can immediately see the point at which network problems have occurred. Other providers’ analysis tools hide this information and show their alerts in OSI layers. The Expert OmniPeek Event Finder provides descriptions and possible causes for each problem that’s found by the Expert problem finder.

Network Policy Violation Detection allows the user to create, customise, save and load named descriptions for a particular network of participants along with their anticipated behaviour. This information can be used by the Expert to detect network policy violations.

You don’t have to interrupt your analysis to take action based on what you see. OmniPeek allows you to create filters and apply them immediately. The LiveAction “Select Related” feature selects the packets that belong to a specific node, protocol, conversation or Expert diagnostics. These functions significantly reduce the time spent searching for problems and correcting them. Other analysis tools often require a dozen or more steps for a similar result.

With features for network monitoring, such as the network Traffic Dashboard, the Peer Map and detailed alarms and messages, OmniPeek’s network analysis provides an expert level of service with detailed statistical node, protocol and network maps. It even provides packet decoding for multiple segments and multiple real-time users. It has functions for ethernet and wireless as well as links to OmniEngines, which form part of the comprehensive performance management for your entire network to monitor services and find errors.

Network Traffic Dashboard

OmniPeek gives a detailed view of network traffic in a comprehensive Dashboard view. This single, cost-efficient console allows you to perform local debugging, as well as connect to various OmniEngine network measuring points in the same building, across the country or across the globe. You can see at a glance the nodes your most frequent callers communicate on or perform a quick drill down on nodes, protocols and sub-protocols.

The optimised Internode Protocols in the Omni Distributed Analysis Platform gives you full remote transparency, using less bandwidth than a single phone call. IT staff with varying degrees of skill, including managers, can immediately access the information from any network point.

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Peer Map

The OmniPeek Peer Map shows all the communicating nodes within your network. You can scale the dynamic interface to any size and highlight nodes of interest. It’s easy to read the Peer Map. The thicker the line between the nodes, the greater the volume of traffic and the thicker the point, the more traffic is running over the node.

The number of nodes displayed can be restricted to only show interactions between the busiest and most active nodes, or nodes of interest, including all the OmniPeek filters used.

Detailed Alarms & Messages

If any pre-configured or custom indicators fall below a predetermined level, OmniPeek notifies the most important contacts via email, syslog or SNMP trap. You can define threshold value dependencies to significantly reduce false positives. Event handlers can also start a packet capture for network traffic so that problems can be rapidly diagnosed and corrected before they become more serious.

OmniPeek Enterprise is the flagship of the LiveAction product range and provides fully functional, in-depth anlaysis, including data acquisition from virtually any network, including Gigabit and 10 Gigabit networks, with access from Cisco, Aruba, Xirrus, Ruckus, NetFlow, SNMP, TCP Dump and globally distributed computers amongst others. OmniPeek provides outstanding visual processing for traffic flow on the PHY and IP layer, a leading expert system for all OSI layers.

It also provides a comprehensive analysis of web traffic (keyword “Black Port 80 hole”). Moreover OmniPeek Enterprise delivers highly detailed metrics on voice and video traffic, including jitter, packet loss, network delay, signalling, voice and image quality by MOS, R-factor.

OmniPeek Remote Assistant (ORA) can quickly provide administrators and network managers with a remote client diagnosis, reproducing client network data through user records and evaluating these in the control panel. Finally, the product has sophisticated features for multi-segment analysis, which allows a comparison of network data from different locations and multiple network segments. A visual comparison of two capture files helps you to quickly and efficiently track down network problems in a minimum amount of time.

OmniPeek Enterprise is the ideal tool for technicians who are responsible for the operational quality of their IT service.

OmniPeek Remote Assistant is part of OmniPeek Enterprise and is such a compact and secure program that it can be used by people without much technical experience. The user only has to record their problem from start to finish (without the need for an installation) and then return the generated file for analysis. The files are secured against unauthorised access with public/private encryption. They can only be opened by the author via the OmniPeek Remote Assistant, since they are linked to the author’s OmniPeek serial number.

Compared to freeware tools, OmniPeek Remote Assistant guarantees the highest level of data protection. An administrator can quickly start the ORA on another virtual server, if a user wants to initiate a multi-point measurement.

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