New portable and robust 10G packet capture solution
available for real-time network data delivery

PacketFalcon Mini - Compact and robust Packet Capture Appliance for up to 10G
NEW PacketFalcon Mini – Compact and robust Packet Capture Appliance for up to 10G

(Langen/Germany May. 30, 2022) NEOX NETWORKS extends its solution portfolio with a mobile packet capture and network forensics appliance. The new PacketFalcon Mini enables network data to be captured losslessly at up to 10Gbps.

What is a packet capture appliance and what is it needed for?

Network availability and functionality are essential today, even in many small and medium-sized enterprises. But networks are becoming faster and more complex, and the security attacks they are exposed to are becoming more sophisticated.

Because of these ever-increasing dangers, it is now essential to capture all network data packets. This is the only way to guarantee full network transparency in order to detect threats at an early stage, to determine movement profiles of attackers already in the network (lateral movement) or to be able to carry out necessary security analyses. And this both in real time and with regard to historical data.

Packet capture appliances, also known as network forensics appliances, enable the lossless capture of these network data packets in order to make them available to security tools such as (NTA) Network Traffic Analysis, (NDR) Network Detection & Response, Intrusion Detection or Intrusion Prevention systems.

Why a PacketFalcon Mini?

NEOX Networks has been offering a professional and portable packet capture appliance with its 100G PacketFalcon solution for several years.

However, 100G solutions are much more powerful and therefore also more cost-intensive for many companies and especially smaller businesses than would be necessary for networks with lower bandwidths.

For deployments in less busy or less bandwidth demanding companies NEOX NETWORKS now offers the new, mobile deployable PacketFalcon Mini. The PacketFalcon Mini allows loss-free, 100 percent capture of all network packets for network infrastructures up to 10 Gbps.

Due to its compact and robust design, it is mobile and can therefore be used very flexibly, but it can also be permanently installed by means of an optionally available top-hat rail. It is suitable both for local analyses and for analyses from distributed and remote locations.

Thanks to its integrated API, it can also be used for automation purposes and can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Furthermore, the PacketFalcon Mini supports the export of NetFlow data for the collection of long-term data with LiveNX from LiveAction or another IPFIX (NetFlow) collector. This allows critical events, network outages and also attack vectors to be evaluated historically by looking at NetFlow data over months.

Award-winning software and powerful hardware

Linux is used as the operating system and LiveAction’s award-winning network forensics suite LiveWire as the analysis software. Thanks to LiveWire, it is also possible to analyse network traffic across locations via remote access and to quickly find errors, which leads to a drastic reduction in MTTR time.

Thanks to the intuitive WebGUI, all required network data can be accessed easily. By means of hardware and software filters, packages of interest can be further narrowed down and examined more closely.

On the hardware side, the PacketFalcon Mini impresses with its compact and robust design, optional up to 128GB main memory and 16 TB storage space, and a high-performance FPGA capture card from Napatech.

In addition, the appliance supports nanosecond hardware-based timestamping, which can be extended to include PTP (IEEE1588v2).


If you do not have sufficient experience in packet capturing and network forensics, NEOX Networks also offers introductory training on site or at their premises in Langen near Frankfurt/Main.


The new NEOXPacketFalcon Mini is available for immediate order directly from NEOX Networks.
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