Flowmon Overview

Clever Network Monitoring and Security Solution

A fast, reliable and well secured network is of crucial importance to any organization. Flowmon is the answer to this challenge using leading edge IP flow monitoring technology (NetFlow, IPFIX) to give you the best solution for network visibility. Go Flowmon and get everything you need to enhance the network & application performance and stop advanced cyber threats. Gartner recognized, Cisco and Check Point recommended.

Manage and secure your IT environment with confidence:

What Flowmon brings to network and security engineers?

  • Real-time network traffic visibility to have your network under control
  • Detection and diagnostics of operational and configuration issues
  • Proactive detection of threats, botnets, DDoS and other risks undetectable by firewalls, IDS and antivirus
  • Quick troubleshootingand ticket resolution
  • Substantial reduction in implementation, operation and management costs
  • Improving performance of business applications, enhancing user experience

Performance issues, unavailability of critical application, security breaches. All of that can cause financial loss, reputation damage, employee dissatisfaction and churn of customers. Flowmon solution provides IT operations with a deep understanding of network and application behavior to avoid these situations. Based on performance, scalability and ease of use, Flowmon is trusted by companies globally delivering them monitoring, diagnostics and analytics for optimizing performance of their infrastructure. With Network Behavior Analysis included, Flowmon also helps to eliminate suspicious activities, attacks and advanced threats that bypass traditional security solutions.

Flowmon Solution

Flowmon is a comprehensive platform including everything you need to get an absolute control over the network through network visibility. With Flowmon Probes you will never miss any information about network traffic. FlowmonCollectors are dedicated for collection, visualization, analysis and long-term storage of network statistics. Flowmon modules extend the functionality of Probe and Collector to enable the advanced analysis of flow statistics. Visit dedicated websites to learn more about Flowmon ADS for network behavior analysis, Flowmon APM for driving user experience and application value, Flowmon Traffic Recorder for complete data communication recording and Flowmon DDoS Defender, a solution for the detection and mitigation of volumetric attacks.

Get a full functionality of Flowmon solution in 30 minutes

Flowmon deployment process is very simple enabling network security engineers to have a comprehensive network monitoring in a few minutes with no extra skills. A well-arranged GUI, broad network traffic visualisation capabilities, predefined sets of diagnostic tools, managerial dashboards, automatized reports and alerts help to get an immediate view of network communication.

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