Discover application performance issues
before your business does

Availability issues. Slow response times. Performance bottlenecks. Also web applications have problems that affect the satisfaction of your employees and customers.

Identify and troubleshoot them before they impact your business with Flowmon APM, an agent-less solution to proactively drive user experience and application value.

Application Performance Management for IT Operations

With Flowmon APM you can start transparent application monitoring in a matter of minutes. Understand how every application behaves to every user in real-time with analysis of application protocols and communication between application and database servers.

Flowmon APM automatically identifies performance problems, reveals root causes and provides IT operations with deep-insight diagnostics to drive user experience and application value. For all the users, for all the transactions for your business. 

See target applications.

Is your critical web application running smoothly? What if your customers face a slow response of your business application? What if you do not even know that your employees are struggling with errors when working with internal systems? How promptly do you detect an error and the root cause? Flowmon Application Performance Monitor (APM) solution proactively monitors your business critical applications from the end user perspective so you always know how they stack up. With no agents on servers, no changes in configuration.

Flowmon APM delivers to IT operations

Agentless solutions for transparent application monitoring. Flowmon APM does not affect the infrastructure or applications in any way.

  • Agentless solution for transparent application monitoring. Flowmon APM does not affect infrastructure or applications in any way.
  • Ultimate end-to-end Tool. Manage application delivery chain from end to end. Distinguish between network/application/database issues and optimize user experience.
  •  Installation in 3 steps for quick time-to-value. The setup process allows the user to have running application monitoring in a matter of minutes. A pre-configured set of tools and reports provide immediate understanding of application behavior.
  • Hard data for capacity planning and infrastructure upgrade. Get a real insight into infrastructure utilization to optimize and plan capacity.
  • Ease of use via intuitive GUI and priceless APM Index. APM Index expresses application performance in terms of SLA and helps to resolve problems with no unnecessary delays. Find out more in Flowmon APM Product Brief.
  • Reduction of costs and time spent on troubleshooting. Flowmon APM provides a comprehensive set of tools for effective troubleshooting, cutting down the time needed to investigate the source of application problems.

Improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity:

  • Monitor applications based on HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • Database applicationmonitoring
  • Troubleshootapplicationperformanceissues
  • Enhance customer and internal user satisfaction
  • Measure and report service level agreements (SLA), declare QoS
  • Receive hard data for infrastructure upgrade


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