Regeneration TAPs allow you to access and monitor your network traffic with multiple analyzers at the same time!

Regeneration TAPs are ideal for monitoring critical network data with multiple analyzers simultaneously. Without any extra effort, each monitoring device connected to the Regeneration TAPs sees the same traffic at the same time. Regeneration TAPs duplicate the tapped traffic across multiple monitoring ports and work technically as signal regenerators. If, for example, network data was required by different departments for different purposes, it can be reproduced without any loss by using the relatively simple TAPs and monitoring tools are given the traffic they need. Ethernet switches generally support a maximum of 2 SPAN ports and, therefore, are of limited use for the multilevel analysis of network connections. Regeneration TAPs can be used to efficiently work around this limitation and improve your monitoring experience.

Regeneration TAPs support the mirroring of network data both in break-out mode and aggregation mode. In full-duplex (break-out) mode, the monitoring tool receives the regenerated signal TX and RX signal of a network link separately. Whereas in aggregation mode, the analysis tools receive the network packets in half-duplex mode and see the TX and RX traffic aggregated on a single port. Our Regeneration TAPs support both versions, and the setting can be conveniently switched via DIP.

Furthermore, it is also possible to operate a Regeneration TAPs on SPAN ports, if the regeneration TAP is not connected into the network line and receives the data to regenerate either from a mirror port of a switch or by an externally installed TAP.

Of course, our Regeneration TAPs are passive during a power failure, malfunction or any other interference with your line. In addition, the LFP (Link Fault Propagation) function is supported for your additional protection.

We offer Regeneration TAPs for all conventional network media types, from copper to fibre optic lines and speeds of 10Mbit/s to 40Gbit/s.

A central load distribution would be another intelligent way to manage data for monitoring purposes. More information can be found under the heading “Network Packet Brokers”, where you will find relevant products and a more detailed description of how intelligent “load balancers” are used for this purpose.


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