Accelerate verification of service and application performance in a controllable and repeatable test network.

INE Enterprise Global Network with NC2015 award INE Enterprise Global Network

The iTrinegy INE Enterprise/Ultra Hardware and Virtual Appliances (NFV) range continues to lead the market with high performance, scalable Network Emulation that brings the behavior of private and public networks into a controlled and repeatable “virtual” test network.

INE Enterprise/Ultra Appliances (referred to simply as INE from hereon) can mimic LAN, WAN, Cloud, Satellite, Mobile, DSL, WiFi and other network types in point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, fully meshed configurations or any combination of these.  INE’s virtual routers and circuits allow you to easily recreate the real-world configuration including IP addresses, routing tables, other network traffic, latency and link quality thus bringing as much realism as possible into the test environment.


Easily Deploy with Superior Realism
Rapidly map out the production environment including virtual routers, links, end-points, network link realism (often somewhat incorrectly called “impairments”) and traffic to accurately emulate user experiences.  This provides greater realism and so enhanced confidence of tested applications.


Save time by integrating your network scenarios with functional and performance test tools and/or your own scripts instead of making manual changes.


Operational Scaling
INE’s multi-user design, virtual ports and scenario sharing capabilities protects your investment and enables you to scale-out to support multiple teams and scale-up the number of concurrent tests, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership, environmental footprint and system management overhead, while conducting more complete tests or more tests in parallel.

Mag Glass

Analysis and Optimization
Analyze test results in real-time to identify and resolve potential performance issues to ensure service level compliance before deployment.  Inspect application behavior in detail enabling rapid debug of application performance issues to ensure a positive user experience.


Continuous Test Network
Deploy on the edge of the production network enabling real users to test application performance from their usual location but as if they were physically at another location.

Sliders Customize with Programmable Network*
Extend the capabilities of the Network Emulator by developing your own impairments or packet handling functions without a dependency on a third-party.

Easy To Use GUI
Install the easy-to-use drag-and-drop INE Visio®-like GUI onto an unlimited number of Windows, Mac and Linux workstations enabling you to easily draw out, configure and view your networks.

World Networks

Real-world Networks
Recreate LAN, WAN, Cloud, Internet, Mobile, WiFi, IoT, Satellite and other types of networks in configurations including point-to-point, hub-and-spoke and fully meshed configurations using multiple links, each with their own set of network “impairments”.

World Impairments

Real-world Network Impairments
Choose from over 50 built-in “impairments” that mimic real-world normal and abnormal network effects including link bandwidth, latency, loss, error, fragmentation, duplication or reordering and queuing.

2.13 Cloud

INE’s built-in Cloud feature lets you easily create, in a single object, complex network topologies including star-coupled, hub and spoke and fully meshed.  Routing definitions between all end-points and link characteristics are easily setup and managed using the Cloud Object table without the need to draw out each link definition


Congestion & Traffic Generation
Easily create and vary network congestion to make a link appear busy without using expensive traffic generators. Generate both internal and external traffic to create congestion using real packet flows.


Packet Classification, Filtering & Routing
Classify, route, filter and selectively impair traffic by any packet field within any protocol layer (2-7) using a Wireshark-like syntax. Bridge and/or route traffic via the emulator enabling you to mimic the complexity of your real world network.


Cisco QoS Class of Service Handling & Traffic Shaping
Model Cisco’s (and other similar) QoS class of service and traffic shaping algorithms to test an application’s ability to work with Cisco QoS classes, with or without traffic shaping.


Easily integrate with the most complex network environments and can be used inline with your test equipment or configured to route and impair traffic in VLAN configurations such as router-on-a-stick. At the same time other traffic, not under test, can flow through the emulator unimpaired.


Scenarios & Scenario Library
Create time-based scenarios by automatically changing the network conditions to reflect the real world network or test requirements. Create a central scenario library on the INE allowing users to efficinetly share saved scenarios.


Every Port to Every Port Connectivity and Virtual Ports
Route traffic from port-to-port or port-to-multi-port, including both physical and virtual ports, without any limitations on connectivity. This includes “routing” in bridged networks. Create up to 240 new virtual ports as subdivisions of physical ports enabling rapid extensibility of the Emulator.  Traffic for virtual ports can be classified by VLAN, IP Address (V4 and V6), IP Port or packet data. Removes the need to purchase expensive multi-port appliances that cannot scale-up and protects your investment for future projects.


Easily see what is happening to packet flows in the test network. Get easy and fast visibility into your application’s performance using over twenty built-in graphs including an export data feature for offline analysis in other tools. Packet capture at any point in the virtual test network enables you to analyze and inspect application behavior in detail enabling rapid debug of application performance issues.


Packet Capture
Full packet capture in pcap format at any point in the virtual test network provides pervasive application visibility, analysis and troubleshooting for use with other tools including Wireshark.


Mutli-User Set-Up, Administration and Security
Several teams can share a single appliance and run independent emulations in parallel. Users can be easily added via the centralized user-friendly web portal and their access to the emulator’s ports, virtual ports and resources fully controlled.

Hardware Appliances

INE Enterprise Screen and Rack

INE Enterprise Model 2 - 2 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports / 10 Network Objects*
INE Enterprise Model 4 - 4 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports / 20 Network Objects*
INE Enterprise Model 6 - 6 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports / 30 Network Objects*
INE Enterprise Model 8 - 8 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports / 40 Network Objects*

INE Ultra Model 2 - 2 x 10Gbps Emulation Ports / 2 x 1Gbps Emulation/
20 Network Objects*
INE Ultra Model 4 - 4 x 10Gbps Emulation Ports / 2 x 1Gbps Emulation/
40 Network Objects*

 Virtual Appliances

INE Enterprise Flex DownloadINE Flex Enterprise Model 2 - 2 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports / 10 Network Objects*

*A Network Object is an item showing in the INE GUI such as a Person, Building, Router, PC, Games Console, Soldier, Tank, etc,  all of which count as 1 Network Object.  A Full Duplex circuit counts as 2 Network Objects - 1 for the Uplink and 1 for the Downlink.

Please contact us ,if you need help calculating the number of Network Objects needed for your project.

      INE Enterprise
INE Ultra
INE Custom
Flex Version AvailableYesOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn Request
Emulation Ports - RJ45 Copper246822Custom
Emulation Ports - 10G Fiber Optic----24Custom
Management Ports - RJ45 Copper1111111
Storage Capactiy (SSD)240GB240GB240GB240GB240GB240GBCustom
Max Packet Rate Per Second (Million)
Max Number of Virtual Ports253251249247251249Custom
BandwidthUp to 1 GbpsUp to 1 GbpsUp to 1 GbpsUp to 1 GbpsUp to 10 GbpsUp to 10 GbpsUp to 10 Gbps

Full Specifications

INE LAN WAN Emulator at a Glance


INE LAN WAN Emulator Product Overview

NE-ONE Datenblatt

INE Netzwerk Emulator Tech Specs


INE network emulator overview


ine ultra datasheet


INE Ultra Netzwerk Emulator Tech-Specs


iTrinegy INE Flex Enterprise Product Sheet


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