A Range of Easy-to-Use Network Emulators

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  • Geolocation Network Latency Calculator
  • Predefined Network Link Types & Properties
  • Network Scenario Builder
  • Multiple Concurrent Paths
  • Dual Hop/Last Mile Emulation
  • More than 50 Network Impairments
  • Graphs & Statistics
  • CLI, Multi-user/Multi-tenancy and more…

Simplifying Application Performance Testing over Networks

The  NE-ONE  Emulator  has  been  designed  with  ease-of-use in mind.  Whether  you  are  an  Application Developer,  Software Tester, Network Engineer or a Systems Architect, it will enable you  to  quickly  and  easily  recreate  a  wide  range  of  realistic networks (LAN, WAN, Internet (cloud), Wi-Fi, (A)DSL, Mobile, Satellite, etc.) in order to verify application performance.

Intuitive & Intelligent Pictorial Web GUI

At  the  heart  of NE-ONE’s ease-of-use  is  its  intelligent user interface which is designed to make setting up and running a real-world  test  network  achievable  in  a  few  minutes. It eliminates  the  need  to  spend  hours  learning  complex  tools with  cumbersome  tabular  interfaces  and  scripting. Instead, use your preferred browser (no plug-in required) and select the required values using pre-populated network parameters from drop-down menus.

Auto-Configuration - Removing the Guess Work

NE-ONE has a range of Auto-Configuration capabilities to save you time and remove the guess work or need to be a network specialist when setting up your emulation:

Geolocation Network Latency Calculator

Imagine you need to emulate a link from New York to London but you’re unsure of what latency to use. NE-ONE comes with a catalogue of over 42,000 locations, so simply choose the required start and end point locations and NE-ONE will calculate and insert the base latency for you.

Predefined Link Types & Associated Properties

You know that you need to test using a 4G network, a VSAT link or some other type of network but how do you go about creating a range of real-world network experiences?

Drawing on our expertise, we have populated the NE-ONE with representative latency, loss, bandwidth, etc. values reflecting Excellent, Good, Average and Poor link qualities experienced in real networks. However, for more experienced users or where specific conditions need to be configured, NE-ONE has comprehensive impairment options available.

Multiple Concurrent Links (Paths)

NE-ONE’s multi-link feature can simultaneously emulate up to 20 different network links (paths) between the end points, each link with its own characteristics, helping to save valuable testing time. For example, you can set up three links for 2G, 3G, 4G mobile networks and concurrently compare their application performance. NE-ONE’s Link Qualification Criteria enables you to define what IP Addresses, Applications or VLANs use which link.

Dual Hop/Last Mile Emulation

Frequently real networks comprise more than a single segment i.e. Dual Hop. There is often another significant portion of the network chain, including a “last mile” hop. For example a data center to a branch office could include a WAN and Wi-Fi in the data path. NE-ONE’s Dual Hop feature allows you to pictorially configure these hops quickly and easily to provide an overall experience to test with.

Real-World Conditions

When used in Advanced Mode, NE-ONE provides access to more than 50 network impairments that provide accurate, realistic, repeatable and controllable network conditions. Each of these are further customizable to enhance the realism of your test setup. Please refer to the “NE-ONE Emulator Impairment Data Sheet” for more information.

Graphs and Statistics

NE-ONE’s built-in graphing feature allows you to view key network performance metrics in the GUI. You can also export these statistics for use in other analytical tools enabling you to visualize and understand how the applications are being affected by changes in the network.

Command Line Interface (CLI) & API

Easily integrate testing over real-world network conditions into your existing test cycle by using NE-ONE’s CLI or API to automate changing network conditions from your functional and/or performance test tools or test scripts. This significantly enhances test processes to identify network deployment risk with minimal impact on test time and resources.


Multiple simultaneous users can access the NE-ONE enabling effective collaboration on configurations, graphs and test results.

The NE-ONE Range

The NE-ONE Network Emulator range comprises three hardware appliances (NE-ONE Model 5, 10 & 20) and three virtual (VMware-certified) appliances (NE-ONE Model 1, 5 & 10) offering 2 or 4 ports with link speeds from 50Mbps to 1Gbps, depending on model.

Please take a look at the NE-ONE Emulator Comparison Guide to see which model best meets your needs 

Find out more about the NE-ONE Flex Virtual Network Emulator Appliance rannge

Product Information & Technical Specifications

If you would like more information on NE-ONE please take a look at the NE-ONE Desktop Emulator Product Sheet NE-ONE-Flex Emulator Product Sheet and the NE-ONE Emulator Impairments Summary Sheet


NE-ONE product overview

NE-ONE product overview

NE-ONE datasheet

NE-ONE datasheet

NE-ONE comparison chart

NE-ONE comparison chart

NE-ONE Virtual Appliance


NE-ONE Technical Specifications

NE-ONE Technical Specifications

Impairments Sheet

NE-ONE Emulator Impairments Sheet

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