A full range of packet capture appliances that supply wire data (LiveFlow) for monitoring and packet data for root-cause analysis. Enables investigations with advanced packet capture and analysis software for enterprises around the world.


The network forensics solution from LiveAction

The LiveAction LiveCapture series of products provides high speed network traffic analysis and recording, suitable for all network speeds and helping IT companies to analyse, monitor and accurately record data traffic. LiveCaptures allow continuous 24/7 access to 1G, 10G, and 40G networks providing detailed analysis, including forensic analysis of previous events, expert analysis and critical network metrics such as Top Protocols and Top Talkers, providing a visual display of how the various elements communicate.

Each LiveCapture provides:

  • Powerful features for recording of terabytes of traffic without packet loss.
  • The award-winning OmniPeek Enterprise software for performing real-time Analysis of Live Network Traffic and Forensic Network Analysis of Recorded Traffic.

The LiveCaptures meet all the requirements of network forensics
for complex high-speed networks,
only in combination with Network ( Ethernet ) TAPs.

  • Powerful network recording to capture traffic in terabytes with no packets loss.
  • OmniPeek Enterprise software which has won awards for analysis of live network traffic in real-time, providing forensic network analysis for recorded traffic.
  • OmniPeek’s Enterprise Network Analyser offers tools for real-time analysing and troubleshooting as well as recording network traffic.
  • LiveCapture has everything needed for network forensics on high-speed and complex networks including network (Ethernet) taps.
  • Data collection for network traffic on 1G, 10G and 40G with no loss and with full integrity of data integrity.
  • Powerful tools for data preparation, helping IT engineers to examine specific time periods and traffic types.
  • Integrated analysis, including expert analysis and critical network performance metrics such as Top Protocols and TopTalkers, so potential attacks are quickly identified.
  • Visual display of communications via a Peer-Map.
  • Network settings are given at the start with an 8ns precision time stamp (known as timestamping). GPS, PTP andotherexternal time sourcesaresupported
  • Precision means complete recording with no data loss and exact ratios provided, as well as no packet loss for high-speed traffic.
  • Each installation is tailored to suit the size of the organisation who can then add and combine different applications according to their individual network forensic requirements. LiveCapture TL with OmniStorage disk array records upt 128 TB of network traffic without any data loss.
  • Flexibility helps organisations to combine applications using different interface cards for a powerful, cost-effective configuration to monitor their network. Each LiveCapture can combine different interface cards of varying speeds.
  • Continuous analysis recording the network over each 24 hour period. Each LiveCapture supports forensic records with forensic ex-post analysis, monitoring recordings to provide detailed expert statistics in real time.

LiveCapture Configurations

LiveCaptures are available in different configurations as follows:

A full range of packet capture appliances that supply wire data (LiveFlow) for monitoring and packet data for root-cause analysis. Enables investigations with advanced packet capture and analysis software for enterprises around the world.

Meet LiveCapture (FKA Omnipliance Ultra)

LiveCapture’s award-winning packet capture and analysis provide network packet capture at up to 20Gbps with up to 128TB of storage in a single 2U appliance.

LiveCapture is the most powerful and comprehensive single-box performance monitoring and investigation solution available. With LiveCapture, everything you need to reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) of network issues is included.


LiveCapture 1K

LiveCapture 1K, LiveAction’s most affordable packet capture and analysis appliance is an ideal solution for monitoring less demanding 1G and 10G networks and remote locations such as branch offices.

LiveCapture 1K Features

  • Pre-loaded, tested, and fully integrated Capture Engine software
  • 16 TB of storage
  • Supports one 1G or 10G high-performance Adapter for LiveCapture

Deployment Recommendations

  • Branch Offices
  • SMBs


LiveCapture 3K

LiveCapture 3K features both powerful network recording for capturing terabytes of traffic with no packet loss, and award-winning Capture Engine software for performing real-time analysis of live network traffic and forensic network analysis of recorded traffic. LiveCapture 3K is designed for capturing and analyzing traffic from more demanding 1G, 10G, and 40G networks.

LiveCapture 3K Features

  • Capture network data at up to 20 Gbps
  • Pre-loaded, tested, and fully integrated Capture Engine software
  • 64 TB or 128 TB of storage
  • Support for up to 3 high-performance Adapters for LiveCapture

Deployment Recommendation

  • Data centers
  • NOCs
  • WAN links

Leading network analysis professionals consider LiveCapture Portable to be the best mobile analyser without doubt. Designed for a leading German telecommunications company, the program has features, functions and workmanship acquired during LiveAction’ 24 years in the technology industry.

LiveCapture Application Diagram

The diagram below shows exactly how LiveCaptures can be used on a corporate network. Individual LiveCaptures collect and continuously analyse network traffic on the various network segments across the whole company, ensuring security analysts have permanent access to their network data.

LiveWire/LiveCapture/LiveNX/Omnipeek Applikationsdiagramm


Networks are becoming faster and more complex and security attacks are getting more sophisticated and harder to detect. Business operations are bound to be network-based way into the future so, to ensure a network runs smoothly, IT security teams need to be able to continuously access detailed analysis of network traffic. Security analysts need Network Forensics to provide essential access and insight.

LiveAction supports security teams who are analysing data since it records data at critical network points while minimising traffic caused by data collection. LiveAction LiveCapture helps security teams to detect and prevent attacks very quickly – even if these take place in ultra-modern and high-speed 40G to 100G networks. This is achieved by storing data in a universal, searchable format, providing both simple and more complex data filters.


We recommend simply testing the LiveCapture in your backbone.

For further information, also for test positions, please contact us at sales@neox-networks.com / 06103-37 215 910!

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