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LiveNX is a real turning point. By providing a comprehensive view of network performance and proactively identifying network issues, the network department regains control with a unified network performance monitoring and diagnostics platform.


UX – User Experience Metrics for Cloud Native Applications

Insight – Proactive insights based on analyses

Endpoint AgentEndpoint visibility and control

Gain a comprehensive overview of network performance

Monitor the performance of multi-vendor, multi-factory, and multi-cloud systems.

Proactive identification of network problems

Analyses and alerts immediately alert network department teams to meaningful changes.

Easy troubleshooting and troubleshooting throughout the network

Quickly and accurately isolate problems from multiple data sources and API integrations for workflow optimization.

Learn how LiveAction uniquely solves your network management problems.

Network Topology Cards

Do you still use static drawings to understand what is associated with what? LiveNX topology maps update locations, devices, interfaces, applications, VPNs, and users in real time to provide an up-to-date view of network health and quickly isolate and resolve problems.

Because a software-defined environment introduces fabric overlays for agility and management, the network department needs a way to visualize the VPNs, tunnels and transport of service providers to ensure service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Learn how LiveNX provides rapid policy verification, path quality, traffic routing and QoS for applications through active status notification.

Read more about LiveNX topology view

Accelerate the Resolution of Network Incidents

As soon as you receive a high-grade alarm, the clock starts ticking. Customers can’t access your website and the company may lose thousands, if not millions, of dollars per hour until the incident is resolved. When time is money, contact LiveNX for faster problem detection and resolution.

With industry-leading flow and packet capture, analysis and visualization, LiveNX proactively notifies the network department of changing conditions and presents optimized workflows to isolate the problem enterprise-wide by immersing it in packet analysis and finding the cause and solution.

Network Reports

Organizations need custom and scheduled reports to show management status, key performance metrics, SLA issues, application conditions, and more. LiveNX makes it easy for you to select custom dashboards, widgets and reports for your business.

Select records from templates or use LiveNX to create your own custom views. Flexible reporting options give you the information and insight you need to keep relevant teams informed and provide them with accurate and timely reports.

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LiveNX Use Cases

QoS troubleshooting und management

Maximize the value of Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) with LiveNX to ensure service delivery.

Using LiveNX compared to CLI

The configuration of complex QoS policies via CLI is often error-prone and time-consuming for most companies. Use LiveNX to implement QoS and ensure mission-critical application performance.

Key to a successful QoS implementation

  • Use the GUI interface to generate CLI to optimize QoS policies with Cisco Best Practices Templates
  • Enable faster QoS implementations
  • Solve performance problems more efficiently
Flexible deployment options

LiveNX Server Appliance

LiveNX is offered in several packages for easy deployment. The LiveNX server package includes LiveUX, LiveInsight and LiveAgent modules for a comprehensive all-in-one SD WAN platform to monitor network performance.

SD WAN: Planning, Deployment, Management

Get the Most Out of your SD WAN Initiative

Ensuring the quality of customer satisfaction and ROI

The switch to SD WAN introduces a new network construct. This increases the complexity of change management, end-to-end service policy enforcement, troubleshooting and troubleshooting. It requires real-time visibility across the entire network.

Improve application performance and reduce costs

  • Deep understanding of application traffic with end-to-end flow transparency, QoS and path control.
  • Dashboard and Traffic Class/Application Reports
  • Configuration of alarm thresholds and reports
Troubleshooting voice and video applications

Accelerate troubleshooting of voice and video application issues with LiveNX.

Maintain availability of mission-critical collaboration, unified communications, voice and video applications

Video uncovers all vulnerabilities in your network. The continuing dependence and popularity of video conferencing places even greater demands on your network.

Identify, analyze, and resolve underlying performance issues

Make QoS configuration changes quickly and easily

  • Improve usability through consistent quality and SLA compliance.
  • Faster problem resolution compared to traditional CLI troubleshooting
Bandwidth management and capacity planning

Prepare for network needs, now and tomorrow

Who – or what – consumes your entire bandwidth?

Without end-to-end network visibility, it can be difficult to understand how much capacity is being used and understand bandwidth constraints so you can effectively plan your network capacity. Too few or too many resources may be deployed, so you may experience poor application performance or pay for more bandwidth than you need.

Live NX does the work for capacity planning and bandwidth management

  • Understand current resource consumption by location, application, class and more
  • Reduce costs by paying only for the bandwidth you need
  • Create a baseline so you know how applications work and avoid bandwidth loss and poor application performance
Application performance analysis and troubleshooting

Improve usability with LiveNX

Detailed visibility of performance at application level

Not knowing whether it is a network or application problem can waste valuable time trying to find a solution.

Summary visibility and breaking down to relevant changes

  • Full historical playback to identify application traffic changes and bandwidth conflicts
  • Graphical reporting of QoS, AVC, Medianet, PerfMon, PfR and IP SLA for faster troubleshooting
Situational awareness for network security

Transparency and insight to protect your network

Prevent end user problems before they occur

Devices and cloud applications from multiple vendors can leave gaps in network visibility. This also makes it difficult to identify the cause of suspicious traffic. To stop malicious traffic and hacks, you need visibility everywhere and the ability to perform forensics to determine the cause.

You can’t stop what you can’t see.

  • Comprehensive visibility into all your network and application data
  • Visualize user behavior and traffic patterns that are relevant to detect, identify, and block attackers, while eliminating malicious traffic.
  • Anomaly detection and DVR ability to identify events or observations that do not match an expected pattern

Find out more about the modules of LiveNX

LiveNX User Experience

User Experience Monitoring monitors the end-user experience of Web applications deployed in any cloud over any network, from the traditional network to the state-of-the-art SDN network. You can get an overview of the availability and performance of each Web-based application to resolve issues before they impact users. The correlation of end user experience and network information through integration with LiveNX Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring accelerates problem resolution and greatly simplifies application performance monitoring challenges.

Simplifying End User Experiance Monitoring with LiveAction

LiveNX in Aktion

24×7 Active Monitoring

Deploy software-based agents on your network to lay the foundation for network and application performance.

Perform tests every minute to every hour to ensure the continuous availability of critical applications.

Ensure that your application performance is consistent and that application-specific SLAs are met in near real-time or historically.

Global Performance Monitoring

Use global agents to ensure that your application is working properly from any geographic location outside the enterprise.

Use waterfall maps to easily limit problems to problem zones.

Learn the normal behavior of application performance and detect performance anomalies with dynamic baselines.

Correlated application and network performance

  • Compare performance with your application-specific SLAs to see how network performance is impacting your application performance.
  • Discover and map the network path and application flows across multiple management boundaries, including the public network.
  • Integration with LiveNX for Network Experience for improved visibility into your enterprise network, including Layer 2 and wireless networks.

Isolate and solve problems quickly and reliably

  • Consolidate critical network and application data points to provide a single source of information for joint troubleshooting across multiple teams.
  • Combine application and network performance metrics to quickly determine who has the solution to the problems.
  • Link end-user experiences to network usage information to change the size of the network or identify improvements.

LiveNX Insight

Insight uses machine learning to continuously identify patterns and insights from customer metadata to enable human-in-the-loop interaction in real time. Insight allows you to train the system on key skills to prioritize and control your end-to-end environment.

The learning effects are presented to the engineering and operations teams as insights. These findings are context relevant for the network situation, such as bandwidth anomaly, path change detection, a possible new network discovery application and others.

The LiveNX Insight solution offers:

Detection of anomalies

Proactive notification of meaningful application performance changes

Human-in-the-loop feedback
Proactive notification of meaningful application performance changes

Detection of path changes
Notifies IT operations when a path change occurs to ensure that the service is not compromised.

LiveNX Endpoint Agent

Endpoint Agent extends the reach of the LiveNX network performance and analytics platform from the cloud to the data center to the endpoint server, VM, or container. The agent collects endpoint information about system resources for a complete end-to-end view of the entire enterprise network perimeter.

LiveNX Endpoint Agent Monitoring:

Any Assets – Client Device, Server and Cloud

LiveNX Endpoint Agent is a small software agent that provides a comprehensive view of physical and virtual devices, data centers, and enterprise clouds. It is quick and easy to implement and supports a variety of operating systems.

Anytime – Continuous visibility
Get an overview of all managed assets on the network with continuous real-time traffic monitoring.

Any Location – Cloud or On-Premise
Employees regularly work outside the corporate network and access applications and data in the corporate cloud and data center. LiveNX Endpoint Agent provides continuous monitoring for all endpoints, whether they are on the network (local), outside the network (remote), or offline.

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