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To enable fast retrieval of specific data packets from traffic between two IP addresses, Pandion creates an advanced index based on selected common fields in each IP packet at full network speed. This accelerates search for specific network traffic in the recorded multiple terabytes of data covering hours of traffic. Pandion not only gives the option to narrow down the data volume by specifying a time window, it also makes it possible to add search criteria for certain IP addresses, optimizing the entire analysis process.

  • Accelerated search based on 5 tuple and Layer 2-4 protocol information
  • Search queries return PCAP or PCAP-NG formatted streams/files for easy import
  • Search based on BPF expressions
  • Federated search supported across multiple Pandion appliances in a group
  • REST API for remote query, control and port into 3rd party application

Pandion GUI

Advanced search

Berkeley Packet Filters

The GUI can be used, not only during setup, configuration, trouble shooting, and maintenance, but also for starting and stopping network recording and setting up advanced searches. Search results are delivered in standard PCAP or PCAP NG file formats, enabling a huge variety of standard analyzing tools to be used alongside the web browser connected to Pandion.

An intuitive REST API enables fast retrieval of specific data meeting advanced search criteria (time window, IP address, or BPF expression). The API is easy to use and an online help functionality makes it fast and simple to integrate Pandion in a complete system. Search results are delivered in standard PCAP or PCAP-NG format to facilitate seamless integration with other systems.

Quickly find the data you need – and analyze only that. Pandion supports the option of adding a search criteria specified by any BPF filter expression. This makes it possible to do a highly focused search, enabling more efficient and less time-consuming investigations.

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