Network Emulation made ​​with the Packet Raptor easily. Connecting and performance values ​​such as packet loss, delay and jitter simulate.

Packet Raptor – a Network Emulator and Tracer

Packet Raptor is an independent and individual test device which allows you to simulate packet delays, jitter and packet loss. The device has two separate Ethernet interfaces with 10/100/1000 Mbit/s (Eth0 and Eth1). Configuration is carried out using a Web application through a wireless connection. After configuration, all packets are transparently redirected from one Ethernet connection (Eth0) with predetermined delays, fluctuations in the delay time and packet loss to the other Ethernet connection (Eth1).

The delays and packet loss are active in both directions. Through the trace mode it’s possible to combine all Ethernet packets from the Eth0 and Eth1 connections into one trace which is then available for download via the web interface.

  • Show your customers how their network looks
  • Discover your customers’ network
  • Emulate network failures
  • Trace network streams easily

Network Emulation

Emulate a network to test and demonstrate how well or how poorly network components are behaving when the network is under load causing packet loss. This subsequently allows network features to be changed.

  • Packet loss
  • Jitter
  • Delay

Trace (Recording)

Create a trace (.pcap file) quickly and easily or a live recording of network traffic without the need for a TAP (Test Access Point) or switch mirror port. The device saves the data to an internal or external memory so it can be processed later using a network analyser such TraceView.



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