TraceSim - Call Generator for VoIP and Video

Delivers Reliable Measurement Results

TraceSim offers automatic execution of scheduled measurements and proactive alerting via email or SNMP. Features also include documentation and reporting of SLAs and generation of up to 300 parallel VoIP calls between TraceSim and test agents (point-to-multipoint).

An objective assessment of voice quality is performed using the ITU standards PESQ (ITU-T Rec. P.862), POLQA (ITU-T Rec. P.863), PEVQ (ITU-T Rec. J.247) and E-Model (ITU-T Rec. G.107).

Locates Network Problems Quickly and Easily

TraceSim is the ideal software for checking the end-2end configuration of a VoIP infrastructure including network transitions (media gateways, etc.). It provides fast fault localization by segmenting the infrastructure into individual network sections, pinpointing sources of interference and causes of faults and proactive alerting in the event of performance bottlenecks.

Displays Network Performance Clearly and Simply

A simple reproduction of the measured quality parameters is made (tabular representation), graphic display, traffic light function) and archiving of all measured qualities. The measurements are intuitively configurable.

Thanks to open interfaces, seamless integration into existing network management systems is possible. The management reports are created in PDF and are available unlimited with Tracesim.

NTG|Small - Hardware Counterpart to TraceSim

The NTG|Small is a special hardware measuring adapter which is used as a remote station for the simulation tool TraceSim. The NTG|Small serves as a basis for quality measurements according to PESQ or the E-model.

The NTG|Small has been optimized to process 40 parallel connections and is therefore also suitable for large VoIP installations. It can be used for active measurements of End2End quality, can be configured remotely and is ideal for use in remote locations.

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