Network monitoring and analysis with NetVCR

NetVCR® Proactive network, service and application monitoring

NIKSUN NetVCR® is the world’s first full-function appliance for advanced real-time network, service and application performance monitoring that provides zero-loss packet capture not impacted by other processes. NetVCR intelligently integrates vital management functions into a single scalable architecture to facilitate:

  • Proactive end-to-end SLA/QoS monitoring and surveillance Continuous
  • interactive analysis from link to application
  • Multi-timescale analysis (sub-milliseconds to months)
  • Real-time and historical expert analysis
  • Multi-timescale ad-hoc and scheduled reporting (sub-milliseconds to months)

Application Performance Monitoring

Providing 100% visibility into infrastructure in multiple timeframes (from sub-milliseconds to months), NIKSUN NetVCR recognizes a multitude of protocols and applications for proactive discovery, classification, correlation and real-time analysis with just a few mouse clicks!

NIKSUN NetVCR provides a large array of benefits including proactive alerting from link to application, point-and-click diagnostics and troubleshooting, QoS management and reporting, capacity planning/ trending, accounting/usage, application/services monitoring (including e-commerce, email, VoIP, multicast, FIX, custom applications, etc.), performance analysis (loss, delay, latency, jitter, service/application response time, goodput, throughput, etc.) and seamless integration with other management systems.

NIKSUN NetVCR’s consolidation of critical infrastructure and application monitoring and analysis capabilities makes it a highly valuable solution that immediately replaces multiple monitoring/troubleshooting devices and empowers enterprises with the key advantages of automation, triage and cost-efficient instrumentation

Proactive End-to-End SLM and QoS Monitoring

NIKSUN NetVCR continuously monitors both inbound and outbound traffic, applications and services at real-time production traffic rates, and simultaneously captures, timestamps and indexes full packets in the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse for zero loss monitoring of enterprise, carrier and ISP networks and services while also generating intelligence for insightful analytics. All traffic is analyzed in real-time at line speeds and alerts immediately inform users of service interruptions or infrastructure/application degradation as soon as they occur. Each alert is linked to contextual analysis and corresponding packet information, giving users the option to immediately zoom down to the sub-millisecond level for troubleshooting and root-cause discovery.

Features & Benefits

  • Traffic capture and multi-timescale analysis for traffic rates through 100Gbps
  • Replace manual troubleshooting processes with proactive discovery, classification and analysis of diverse applications and protocols
  • Visibility into network for capacity planning, trending, accounting and usage
  • Monitor QoS and SLAs in real-time Automated troubleshooting via NIKSUN NetXperts
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled reporting on multiple timescales (subseconds to months) for both real-time operations and strategic decision making
  • Plug-and-play device with intuitive web-based interface
  • Drill down to packet-level information for granular deeppacket analysis
  • Role-based access control

Continuous, Interactive In-depth Analysis from Link to Application

Thanks to the embedded NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse, NIKSUN NetVCR is an analyzer that never forgets. Users have access to a large repository of data of actual traffic from sub-second levels to hours and days or even months. This allows users to “rewind” back in time to a problem event for troubleshooting and diagnosis. With shared workspace and web-based link-to-application layer analysis, NIKSUN NetVCR allows users to collaborate across the globe to troubleshoot and diagnose past or current problems seamlessly.

Multi-timescale Analysis Across All OSI Layers

NIKSUN NetVCR supports multi-timescale analysis (from submillisecond levels to minutes, hours, days or even months) and multi-level drill-down (link to application layer), enabling users to start at a high-level view and zoom down to application and/or hosts to detect and analyze short-lived events, that are undetectable when data is aggregated by the minute, for reduced mean-time-toresolution (MTTR). Bounce diagram analysis visualizing each turn in an application session enables even faster diagnostics.

Real-time and Historical Expert Analysis and Performance Alarming

Optional capabilities available via add-on NetXperts, NetRTX and NetSLM modules, further reduce MTTR by providing both real-time and historical advanced analysis and alarming from link to application layers.

Multi-timescale Ad-hoc and Scheduled Reporting

NIKSUN NetVCR facilitates highly customizable reports generated on-demand or per a defined schedule to suit the needs of both senior management and supporting staff. Quick, real-time operational reports spanning extremely flexible time frames of sub-milliseconds to minutes or hours or days maximizes operational efficiency, while long-term reports spanning months or even years of network history assist in strategic decision making, planning, trending, optimization and change control. With NIKSUN NetVCR’s unlimited storage options, it is possible to archive network information for extremely long periods of time.

Unsurpassed monitoring

Powered by groundbreaking technologies, NIKSUN NetVCR redefines the way we monitor networks. It provides seamless service and application performance analytics for the right visibility into your traditional, virtual or hybrid environments. The NetVCR suite gives you unmatched insight while still dramatically reducing power consumption by 60% and requiring 80% less rack space.

Did you know?

NetVCR is the world’s first full-function appliance for advanced real-time network, service and performance monitoring

NetVCR Suite captures, records, inspects, indexes, mines and correlates every packet traversing the network at speeds through 100 Gbps – enabling comprehensive analytics, alarming and reporting capabilities

Enterprise capable to work across your network giving you one single, unified view from end-to-end

“[NetVCR] has always helped us in the area of network performance, especially in deep dive analysis. We recommend NIKSUN [NetVCR] because of its capability to capture and record data for a long period of time”  – FedEx

  • NetVCR is the solution for full packet capture with stream-to-disk recording, real-time indexing and application analytics for network/application performance
  • IntelliNetVCR packs the power of NetVCR in a lightweight, notebook-sized device for branch offices, department levels, and other applications
  • Virtual NetVCR is a lightweight, software deployable NetVCR
  • NetVoice specializes in analyzing Voice over IP traffic, providing insight into both the media stream performance and call session quality
  • NetTradeWatch analyzes financial transactions and associated market data feeds for financial markets
  • NetBlackBox Pro provides NetVCR-like full packet capture and archiving but without the extensive metadata warehouse, providing a cost-effective, flexible solution for network/application performance analysis, forensics and more

Unparalleled Security, Seamless Integration

OpenStack Ready
Flexible Deployment

With our award-winning NIKSUN Virtualization Solution, we can securely and seamlessly virtualize your data center to the cloud, and yet, maintain a non-disruptive, secure and scalable infrastructure. Whether its onsite, offsite, or roaming security – be assured that NIKSUN has you covered!

Did you know?

NIKSUN’s Virtual Solution maximizes performance and minimizes impact on business services with total visibility across your entire network.
Reducing complexity, the NIKSUN Virtual Solution delivers unified insight from a single console to give you a holistic view anywhere, at anytime.
“NIKSUN has established a foundation for their [Virtual Solution] to efficiently run on and leverage the latest features in Oracle VM to deliver superior value to customers.” – Oracle®

Application Reconstruction

Simple reconstruction of application content captured by NIKSUN NetDetector

Port Scanning

Detection of malicious network activity

Report Overview

Generate one-time and scheduled reports

Custom Reports

Create and modify custom reports

Slow server investigation

Understanding the performance monitoring of NIKSUN NetVCR


Gain end-to-end visibility in financial networks

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