Network Management with NetOmni


Actionable real-time enterprise network & service delivery visibility

Global visibility. Single access.

At NIKSUN, we believe managing all aspects of global network monitoring and incident response is essential to every organization. With NetOmni, you are provided with the capability to instantly gauge the health of your network – all from a single access point.

NetOmni is the first, proven real-time network forensics and analysis tool

Enterprise capable to work across your network giving you one single unified view end-to-end

NetOmni is honored with SC Magazine’s Innovator Award


Organizations today are focused on obtaining a better return on investment from solutions that they rely on for delivering business services. They are looking for tools and solutions that not only help reduce investments, but streamline and enhance the ability to resolve service disruptions while assuring business goals and initiatives are prioritized. In order to align IT investments with business objectives, improve cost reduction efforts and increase revenue via SLA assurance, it becomes imperative for organizations to manage all aspects of global network monitoring and incident response from a single unified and holistic platform architecture.


NIKSUN’s NetOmni is a comprehensive enterprise network and service delivery management portal. It provides a top-down holistic view of business service disruptions, performance issues and security incidents. NetOmni monitors all services and applications as well as the underlying network infrastructure in real-time and allows network administrators to configure network views for relevant information based on responsibilities. NetOmni offers users a central location from which to respond to global network events in real-time, streamlining the network management process in a manner conducive to a “best-practices” model that ensures network security, SLAs, QoS and overall organizational success.

NetOmni is part of NIKSUN’s NetOmni Suite and seamlessly interoperates with: NetTrident (an enterprise network forensic analysis tool), NetX (an enterprise data aggregation and reporting tool), and Central Manager (a remote appliance management console).

How It Works

NetOmni communicates with remote NIKSUN® appliances that monitor subsets of a global network for performance, security and policy compliance. Data visualization on NetOmni can be grouped as logical functions, businesses, regions, hosts and users on customizable and user/ service centric dashboards that offer high-level views into global network services via a distributed deployment of various NIKSUN appliances.

Network at a Glance

In addition to aggregating and correlating packet data from NIKSUN appliances, NetOmni also collects and represents NetFlow and SNMP data on customizable user dashboards. Users and groups may be assigned to as many dashboards as they require. Each dashboard is equipped with a variety of graphical sensors that inform users of the status of services, applications or servers. For example, a dashboard may be configured to show real-time information on various delivery parameters for a particular service via a traffic signal type sensor. The sensor monitors the service in real-time and matches delivery parameters with corresponding defined thresholds to trigger alerts.

Features & Benefits

  • Customizable user dashboards from packet level to enterprise-wide services and applications
  • Simplified management and security of distributed networks and services
  • Enterprise-wide security, SLA and QoS monitoring
  • Reduce the number of performance and security devices
  • Complete aggregation and correlation of raw traffic, security incidents, application performance, VoIP, SNMP, NetFlow, alarms, etc.
  • Graphical representation of distributed applications and services via interactive meters, graphs and alarms
  • Correlation of high-level incidents to packet-level information
  • Replace manual investigation processes with proactive discovery, classification and analysis of diverse applications and protocols
  • User and service centric customizable dashboards

One-Click Drill-down to All Information

Each sensor is directly linked to statistical and packet level information of the service or asset that it is monitoring. In the event of a red or yellow alert, all the user has to do is click on the alert to drill-down to granular data and initiate forensic analysis for troubleshooting and root-cause identification.

Long-term Archival for Reference, Analysis and Evidence

All network events and packets are indexed, timestamped and archived into the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse so information can be shared via meaningful reports across the enterprise. The warehouse is also useful for future reference, post event analysis, and documentation/evidence purposes.

Technical Information

Form Factors: A variety of 1U to 4U+ form factors are available. Internal storage scales to several terabytes. Unlimited external storage is available.

Integration: Authentication – TACACS+, RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory, and CAC • Third Party Network Performance and Security Management Products – HP ArcSight, ITRS, Junospace, McAfee and Splunk • All NIKSUN products integrate with NIKSUN NetOmni Full Suite for enterprise-wide aggregation, reporting and visualization.

Application Reconstruction

Simple reconstruction of application content captured by NIKSUN NetDetector

Port Scanning

Detection of malicious network activity

Report Overview

Generate one-time and scheduled reports

Custom Reports

Create and modify custom reports

Slow server investigation

Understanding the performance monitoring of NIKSUN NetVCR


Gain end-to-end visibility in financial networks

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