Application Performance Monitoring

Benefits at a Glance

  • Measures end users’ quality of experience in relation to the SLA
  • Diagnoses a slide in performance and speeds up solutions
  • Identifies the origins of performance problems and their impact (network, server, application ...)
  • Manages the performance of complex application chains
  • Analyses the impact that applications installed have on network resources and performance for the end-user.

Optimise end-user experience through continuous monitoring of application performance.

The Performance Vision application allows you to observe how business-critical applications behave on the network. The faster the cause of an application problem is identified (on the network, application or server), the faster is the troubleshooting process. Thanks to performance trends, you can predict and prepare the necessary changes (e.g. to the network and applications) to ensure the best quality of service for key users.

Improve coordination between the IT teams who provide critical applications.

Monitoring how each factor influences the performance of a critical application is key to implementing an efficient and collaborative IT problem-solving process. Each team (involved in servers, networks, systems, applications and databases ...) must be able to understand application behaviour and obtain valuable information on the cause of problems. This conserves valuable resources and ensures only the relevant team works to resolve an error. Information is presented in the form of overviews and diagrams to help communication between IT managers from different departments.

To accelerate troubleshooting and locate the origin of performance bottlenecks

IT teams usually have limited opportunities to understand application performance, especially when DNS performance is involved. The Performance Vision application monitors and analyses all DNS transactions. This feature gives you a complete set of information about the DNS architecture, domain resolution (DNS and reverse DNS for all application types), volume of enquiries and server response times. You can monitor and understand DNS performance and whether the end-user is affected by slow DNS response times.

Key features

  • End-user quality of experience
  • Breakdown of the response time between network, server and application
  • DNS - Reverse DNS
  • High-level protocol analysis.

VoIP quality of service

The advantages at a glance

  • Identify and visualise VoIP network usage
  • Measure end-user quality of experience for VoIP by means of synthetic indicators (Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • Manage and evaluate long-term trends in call volumes
  • Diagnose the impact and the origin of performance bottlenecks.

Analyse VoIP quality and speed-up diagnosis

Users sometimes complain about the poor quality of VoIP communications. You need accurate information about VoIP traffic and quality to determine whether complaints are relevant and what their origin is. The SecurActive Performance Vision - VoIP module collects all information needed for each call (setup, signal and media type) to provide a synthetic indicator of the quality of service (MOS). You can easily identify performance problems using the following indicators:

  • High latency
  • Changing user behaviour
  • Bottlenecks (low bandwidth)
  • Call Manager (application problems)
  • Phone (VoIP terminal)
  • Jitter
  • Packet loss

Reports on the quality of VoIP service

With just a few clicks, you can generate VoIP quality of service reports for your supervisor. These will include simple and synthetic indicators such as MOS, latency, jitter and packet loss. You can see a chronological development as well as obtain specific information about a location, caller or call recipient.

Make the right decision with the help of capacity planning data

You're about to implement VoIP, or extend VoIP to new locations, and need your budget to predict and determine whether it’s necessary to increase your telecoms spend. Thanks to Performance Vision - VoIP, you’ll know what bandwidth is still available and will be able to calculate the additional capacity that’s required.

Functional Overview

  • VoIP quality of service overview
  • Call volume and error rate over time
  • Overview of calls per caller and the zones called
  • Detailed statistics for each call
  • Bandwidth for voice and signal
  • MOS, latency, jitter, packet loss measurements

HTTP Performance


Most companies rely on http front-ends to allow internal and external users to access and modify project data for both business-critical applications and normal applications. Performance Vision includes an analysis module to analyse HTTP traffic to facilitate troubleshooting and optimise HTTP applications.

Performance Vision monitors errors and response times at transaction level from end-users’ point of view. This makes it easier to convert the diagnosis of user error messages into a detailed code level analysis.

Key benefits

These unique features provide comprehensive tools for IT infrastructure and development managers to detect errors and a slide in performance in less than 4 clicks, then progress to finding the cause of the problem. Thanks to Performance Vision, administrators are able to answer the following questions within a few minutes:

  • Which websites are slow?
  • Where will I encounter errors?
  • Which object is affected?
  • Are there any pages that are too complex? Are there objects that are too large?
  • What are the exact queries that generated this error?

You can clearly see all of these features on your network infrastructure and can seamlessly integrate Performance Vision into your network without needing to install agents.


  • Capture all HTTP requests and responses and provide a data history
  • Measure load times and display HTTP page errors and complexities
  • HTTP pages can be shown in a time chart as single HTTP objects to display page content and show the origins of slow load times.

Monitoring each transaction for:

  • Method
  • User agent, server software
  • Error
  • Server response time
  • Data transfer times
  • Details of each request and response

DNS Performance Monitoring


Each application is based on naming services to translate names into IP addresses and this makes access for users and applications easier. Managing naming services is harder than you think because their performance depends on the name server’s configuration as well as the system’s client and server configuration. In addition, naming services are usually obscure since they constantly migrate from one protocol to another and from one version to another. Name service problems have a significant impact on the experience of the end-user.

Performance Vision monitors all DNS activities to locate configuration problems and diagnose performance deterioration.

Key benefits

Performance Vision’s unique features provide comprehensive information on:

  • Which protocols are used on which servers?
  • Where do slow DNS activities originate?
  • Where can you see errors that are repeated?
  • What systems are likely to have incorrectly configured name services?

All these functions are important for the efficient operation of your infrastructure. You can integrate Performance Vision seamlessly into your network without needing to install agents.

Key features

Performance Vision monitors all name service transactions for DNS, mDNS, NetBIOS, WINS. It measures response times and identifies IT network errors.

Administrators have a complete drill-down of DNS transactions

  • Displays a summary overview of name resolution activity (filtering by protocol, resolution type, success/failure)
  • Display of the temporal evolution of the DNS Performance
  • Measures the dissolution times and errors
  • Drill down with one click to display the smallest details of name service activities
  • Capture all name resolution requests and associated responses to represent a data history.





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