Network Usage

Benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive traffic flow overview
  • Continuous analysis of your network usage
  • Improves performance and optimises your IT infrastructure
  • Proactively manages your network’s capacity to avoid bottlenecks
  • Maximises potential savings on your IT infrastructure

Make the best decisions about your network infrastructure!

You need to understand network usage for all diagnostic, optimisation and decision processes by knowing who does what and what applications and protocols they’re using. Performance Vision gives you a clear overview of network flows and activities carried out on the network. Using this information you can derive long-term network usage trends, which helps you to plan your organisation’s network capacity. Having this kind of visibility also allows you to predict bottlenecks and slips in performance to prevent network outages.

You can reduce the risks associated with new installations by using the network monitoring functions such as traffic mapping, bandwidth charts and top reports, spotting potential bottlenecks and disruptive influences before users complain. You get all the relevant data to predict your network capacity needs for new projects such as installing new applications.

It’s essential to optimise the cost of your network infrastructure to get a clear view of your network structure for each application. This will help you to make relevant decisions and maximise resources to ensure your quality of service. You can avoid unnecessary IT investments and go easy on your budget through transparent and proactive monitoring of your network infrastructure.



Key features

  • Network flow mapping
  • Dashboards and charts
  • Top reports (applications, clients, servers etc.)
  • Bandwidth analyser

Network Performance

The advantages at a glance

  • Monitors network performance in real time through an intuitive dashboard
  • Visually displays network performance through graphs (latency, retransmission etc.)
  • Displays detailed information (detailed flow analysis)
  • Diagnoses anomalies (ICMP and TCP errors)

Monitoring the performance of you network infrastructure with regard to SLA's

The SecurActive Performance Vision network module provides a complete overview in real time for network health, performance and use through notifications, alerts and reports.

Identify bottlenecks including performance bottlenecks in seconds

The Performance Vision network module immediately tells you when network events occur and gives you clear information about the causes and effects of each drop in performance with just a few mouse clicks. Network administrators have access to relevant information to identify network errors quickly, which helps to understand their causes (bandwidth graphs, top talkers, latency, retransmissions, errors etc.).

Monitor network threats and abnormal behaviour

Performance Vision’s Network module gives you complete network traffic visibility so network administrators can improve the performance and availability of their infrastructure. You can identify network anomalies (ICMP/TCP errors) such as hosts, servers and network devices that have been misconfigured and monitor abnormal behaviour on the network (from network flows outside their standard time window to threats such as viruses and bugs).

Key features

  • Overview of network performance
  • Performance graphs (latency, retransmission etc.)
  • Detailed flow analysis
  • ICMP Error
  • TCP Error





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