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Does the following situation sound familiar?

Performance Vision’s aim is to measure and analyse network application performance from the user’s perspective.

IT teams can perform their diagnoses, monitoring and decision making more efficiently than ever when they have a broad insight into network traffic. Performance Vision can provide organisations with better value and better quality of service:

  • Diagnosis: network and application problems are quickly identified to find the causes and establish a diagnostic.
  • Monitoring: detect performance bottlenecks with proactive alerts and react before users complain.
  • IT news service: The packet capturing process allows reliable network data to be recorded. This is the only method to ensure data integrity, allowing you to make the right decisions regarding your IT infrastructure based on the information gathered.


Why is Performance Vision unique?

A variety of functions integrated into an "all-in-one" solution makes SecurActive's Performance Vision unique:

  • Network traffic and application performance monitoring
  • Provides end-users with a quality experience for voice and data in a single application
  • A top-down approach, with information from management overviews to detailed troubleshooting data in just a few clicks
  • A comprehensive history of network flows and real transactions that can be traced back one year
  • The easiest solution to integrate on the market
  • Best value.

Core functions of Performance Vision

Performance Vision - SecurActive

Network usage

  • Allocates network flows
  • Analyses network usage as well as behaviour
  • Comprehensive reporting tools to improve configuration and optimise the IT infrastructure
  • Proactive management so you can carry out capacity planning to prevent bottlenecks
  • Recognises potential savings in the IT infrastructure to avoid costly investments.

Network performance

  • Improves the network’s performance and availability 
  • Defines and monitors SLAs to measure network performance
  • Diagnoses network anomalies
  • Secures networks by identifying abnormal behaviour and threats.

Application performance

  • Measures the end-user’s quality of experience with regard to SLAs
  • Early diagnosis of performance bottlenecks saves time and helps you fix the problem quickly
  • Identifies the cause of poor performance quickly (on the network, server, or application etc.)
  • Performance management and monitoring of complex applications.

VoIP Monitoring

  • Analyses and reports on VoIP network usage
  • Measures the quality of end-user experience for VoIP using synthetic indicators (MOS)
  • Monitors long-term trends in VoIP applications
  • Provides straightforward diagnostics and root cause analysis when performance drops.

Recording virtual network traffic

  • Records traffic in virtual environments
  • Allows troubleshooting in virtual networks.

Products and product specifications

Performance Vision consists of 3 products:

  • Virtual Appliance Express
  • Virtual Appliance
  • SPV Appliances

Virtual Appliance Express

This product is designed for smaller networks and network assessments or audits. It allows network administrators to control their network usage and performance, as well as their application performance. The price is very cost effective, starting from € 3,900.

Virtual Appliance

This product is designed for implementation in distributed virtual farms. It allows network administrators to monitor large data centres as well as redundant environments or even large distributed network architectures.

SPV Appliances

This product has hardware that SecurActive has specifically configured for high performance. These devices have a range that makes it possible to provide a reliable monitoring solution for data centres of all sizes.

Software license key

Each product allows several modules to be activated with a license key:

  • NPS: This license includes the network usage and network performance modules.
  • APS: This license includes all modules, i.e. network usage, network performance, VoiP and application performance. The APS license allows data to be collected from external pollers (APP).
  • APP: This license is designed to allow the pollers to report statistics to the central APS unit.
Securactive APS NPS

Network performance

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How do they work?

The principles:

Implementing Performance Vision into your network is simple:

  • All usage and performance measurements are based on a real traffic analysis
  • A single measuring point is enough to measure usage and performance
  • In an environment with multiple sites, several monitoring points can be installed. Performance Vision provides you with a centralised view of traffic and application performance.

Traffic monitoring

There are three common ways to observe your network traffic:

  • Port-Mirroring / SPAN
  • Network TAP / Virtual TAP
  • Promiscuous mode.

Performance Vision always ensures:

  • Existing network architecture remains unchanged
  • Agentless commissioning
  • A traffic overhead is excluded.

Port-Mirroring / SPAN

Port mirroring/SPAN is a function with managed switches, which allows you to send a copy of traffic from specific VLANs or an interface to a monitoring port. Performance Vision is directly connected to this SPAN port and reads the network data from it.

Netzwerk TAP

A network TAP (listening device) is a hardware device which copies the signal on a network link to a third interface. This can be connected to Performance Vision. Taps are transparent and forward a copy of all traffic to the monitoring port. Virtual TAPs are devices that allow network traffic to be recorded in a virtual environment with forwarding to a physical or virtual Performance Vision device.


Performance Vision can be installed as a standalone unit or as part of a distributed architecture.
Stand-alone device Performance Vision in standalone mode is a single unit that analyses traffic and statistics, collecting and displaying the data on an interface.

Distributed architecture

In distributed mode, Performance Vision analyses traffic across multiple physical sites using distinct appliances known as Application Performance Pollers or APP and these can be either physical or virtual devices. They send their statistics to Performance Vision’s central collector. The data is merged into a single database and can be viewed through a single user interface.

Verteilte Architektur

The pollers (APP) monitor the network traffic and analyse it. The collector retrieves data from the pollers (APP), integrates this into the database so it can be evaluated using a graphical web interface.

Performance Vision Distributed

Die Poller (APP) hören den Netzwerkverkehr ab und analysieren ihn. Der Kollektor holt die Daten von den Pollern (APP), integriert sie in die Datenbank und ermöglicht die Auswertung der Daten über eine graphische Web-Benutzeroberfläche.

Note: The collector can also host a listening device. A distributed environment can consist of physical and virtual devices.


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