Savvius Insight

Savvius Insight

Mini appliance. Mini price. Maximum network visibility.

Real-time enterprise-class network management for smaller networks

Savvius Insight is the newest and smallest addition to the Omnipliance family of network monitoring appliances. Savvius Insight has no moving parts, connects inline to the network with two bypass ports, and has three extra ports for span port captures.

Placed inline to an Internet connection, Savvius Insight automatically begins collecting network statistics and trend data for immediate display and long-term reporting. Users can instantly access in-depth analytics on network activity such as:

  • Bandwidth Utilization – monitor average and maximum bandwidth consumption rates to make key purchasing and management decisions.
  • Application Response Times – examine average, minimum, and maximum response times for critical network applications to identify productivity correlations and ensure SLAs with service providers.
  • Flow Volume – review overall network traffic flows as well as specific conversations between connected devices.
  • Packet Types – filter and analyze network traffic by network protocols.
  • Expert Events – real-time analysis of key network operations including TCP events, IP events, ICMP events, DNS errors, and slow server response times to identify spikes and trends.
  • Security Events – identify the presence of authentication failures, dictionary attack events, flooding, and other indicators of potential network security issues.

Savvius Insight also has the ability to forward data to a remote ELK or Splunk server, aggregating the data from multiple Insight appliances into a single database for long-term reporting and centralized data access across multiple locations. Savvius Insight has 128 gigabytes of storage that holds days, weeks or months of network data, depending on network traffic and which analytics are captured and stored. Savvius Insight also adds Savvius’ popular Compass network data visualization dashboard.


  • Saves money by having an affordable network monitoring appliance at every location
  • Provides remote troubleshooting and reporting capabilities 24×7 without requiring travel
  • Reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR) by providing advanced troubleshooting capabilities at the edge
  • Increases ROI of Omnipliance deployments through use of Omnipeek and MSA
  • Provides built-in, web-based, local or remote long-term reporting using ELK or Splunk technology

Remote Office Networks

  • Deploy the industry’s first affordable network monitoring and diagnostics solution for remote offices
  • Collect key network performance indicators and display the results in your web browser
  • Eliminate travel to remote locations for network troubleshooting

Savvius Insight extends visibility in large corporate networks to areas with lower utilization, by providing cost-effective, 24×7 monitoring and remote troubleshooting.

In distributed corporate networks, Savvius Insight complements SavviusOmnipliances in areas of the network with lower utilization, where a lack of economical solutions has limited visibility up until now. In these situations, Savvius Insight can be deployed for 24×7 monitoring of the health of remote networks with its powerful, customizable, and easy to use web-based dashboards. When you connect Savvius Insight it immediately begins collecting network statistics for long-term reporting and trending. Alarms are easily set so you are notified the instant problems start.

When problems are identified, simply point your web browser at the real-time monitoring dashboards. Searching for and analyzing data is extremely easy using these built-in dashboards. If even more detailed analysis is required, network engineers can remotely connect to Savvius Insight with Omnipeek to perform immediate root-cause analysis.
Savvius Insight can also be used together with SavviusOmnipliances to perform multi-segment analysis – following a specific network flow from one hop to the next. With Savvius Insight in place you get precise network latency measurements on the network between your data center and your remote offices. This information can be critical in answering whether problems are due to network or application issues, or in determining whether your contracted Internet provider is meeting your SLA.

Managed Service Providers

  • Provide services to more customers with the same staff
  •  Offer new and differentiated service offerings
  •  Respond to customer issues instantaneously from any location

Savvius Insight makes MSP’s more profitable by providing the tools they need to reach more customers and offer value-added services.

Savvius Insight is an excellent solution for managed IT managed service providers. Managed service providers manage networks and IT infrastructure for clients, typically with 5-50 employees per client. Savvius Insight lets managed service providers decrease Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) for customers and increase their awareness of when problems are brewing, while at the same time reducing costs. 
To accomplish this, managed service providers install Savvius Insight at each customer location. Managed service providers can log into each of the systems at any time to see the current status of the client’s networks, and develop detailed reports for their customers to increase the value of their services, all without leaving their office. Managed service providers can also define alarms and alerts on key performance indicators (KPIs) and have notifications sent each time an alert is triggered. If a problem is detected or an alert is received, the IT service provider can connect to quickly see what the problem is.

Small Businesses

  •  Understand your network performance through intuitive, web-based dashboards
  •  Make key network troubleshooting data available to remote network professionals
  •  Install and configure Savvius in less than 5 minutes

Savvius Insight gives small businesses insight into their office networks with simple and powerful dashboards. It also simplifies IT outsourcing by providing immediate network visibility and data for root cause analysis to outsourced network professionals. 
Savvius Insight is well suited for small offices that outsource IT management, like accountants, insurance agents, and medical professionals. They have one shared IT manager who spends too much time going from office to office to address typical networking problems, like the network running too slowly or users having trouble connecting. By installing Savvius Insight in your small business, your part-time IT manager gains remote visibility into your office, and has access to historical data for comparisons when issues arise.
With Savvius Insight installed at each office, the IT manager can track all offices from a single location, using Insight’s built-in long-term network monitoring capabilities, and Omnipeek Insight for network troubleshooting. By reviewing collected data, the IT manager can determine the source of most problems in near-real time, and perform quick daily audits to assure overall reliability and user satisfaction in each office.

Insight is a simple touse, self-contained solution for small branch office deployments. Its tiny form factor also makes it a handy solution for trouble shooting single end hosts in larger environments. Wepre-stage themthroughoutourenterpriseforwhenwe’recalled upon toassist in a remote situation. Deploymentis so simple almostanyonecan do itand in just a few minutes and we’re capturing data. They integrate seamlessly with Omnipeek and offer a Splunk forwarding capability.

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