OmniPeek WiFi Bundle

• OmniPeek Professional + 1 year maintenance + 3x OmniWiFi Adapters

Price: 2,495€ (includes configuration support)

A flawlessly designed wireless network that delivers optimal performance is a key element when it comes to customer satisfaction and corporate safety in both guest accounts and critical business network operations. An increasing number of companies are implementing wireless networks as a primary medium for data services using VoIP and video. Therefore, a network analysis solution that offers secure network lifecycle management for both wired and wireless segments is quickly becoming a must-have.
Network outages can be quantified in different ways, but one thing is clear: network outages are expensive! Savvius offers solutions that considerably reduce the number of network failures, along with solid network design recommendations. These products result in a faster real-time root cause analysis.

Omni WiFi Analysis Adapter

  • Supported frequency ranges: 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • 450Mbps adapter that simultaneously receives and broadcasts signals in 802.11n
  • Comprehensive metrics for all IEEE standards: Roaming analysis, signal strength, noise level, retransmission, data rate, overlapping channels, MCS, Locate Node, etc.
  • Quick overview of top talkers (individual peers on PHY and IP layer), top protocols, top WLANs and top WLAN error
  • Extremely fast packet-level analysis with interactive user interface: Identifies the root of the problem with just a few clicks!
  • 62 wireless performance and wireless security expert events
  • WPA / WPA2 decryption
  • Flow-based TCP / IP analysis with over 200 expert events for comprehensive overview of every OSI layer
  • Expandable with market-leading VOIP analysis
  • GPS support for verification and mapping
  • Multiple simultaneous measurements across wireless and Ethernet channels with a single OmniPeek instance
  • Remote Troubleshooting with OmniPeek Assistant
  • Automated database creation (multiple trace files)
  • Multi-segment analysis (Ethernet / Wireless / Remote)
  • Alarms with optional trigger and / or notification
  • Ideal for fast, reliable, and cost-effective security audits
  • Cisco, Aruba APs, tcpdump, and remote pcap support: comprehensive data view for local analysis (also available on 802.11ac Cisco APs)
  • Tailored solutions for your clients
  • Management tools (export reports as .pdf, .html, .csv, etc.)
  • And more!

Savvius and the WLAN Industry

Savvius maintains partnerships with leading technology vendors in the wireless market, including Aruba, Cisco, Xirrus, Ruckus, Aerohive, Quantenna, and others. Please visit our website to learn more about our partners.
The Wi-Fi Alliance is a global not-for-profit industry association supported by hundreds of leading companies that have committed to implementing seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. Through technology, market development, and regulatory programs, the Wi-Fi Alliance contributes to the increasing global presence of WiFi.
Savvius is proud to sponsor the WiFi Alliance. Our products are suitable for a variety of user requirements and thus contribute to the interoperability of Wi-Fi products for home and enterprise networks.

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