Omnipliance WiFi

WiFi Packet Analysis for Distributed Environments with Full Support for 802.11ac Networks

The Only Wireless Analysis and Recorder Appliance for Multi-gigabit 802.11ac Networks.

The Omnipliance WiFi appliance is the world's only wireless analysis and recorder solution that enables the monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting fully loaded Gigabit 802.11ac wireless networks.

Main Advantages at a Glance

  • The first and only solution for capturing and storing wireless data at multi-Gbps speeds
  • The only wireless network forensics allowing device on the market, a complete recording of the wireless traffic for days for analysis
  • The only device that allows error analysis regardless of the location on the network and suitable for the analysis of 802.11ac WLAN networks
  • Omnipliance WiFi is the only dedicated wireless analysis and troubleshooting solution that allows the real time recording and analysis of data from multiple access points
  • Save and analyze the data from any supported AP - there is no need to worry about spatial streams, optional features, technologies (a/b/g/n/ac)
  • The most comprehensive WLAN analysis solution with multi-channel support, roaming analysis, voice over wireless (VoFi) analysis, intelligent fault detection and expert event alerts

Distributed WLAN Analysis Example

Omnipliance WiFi application diagram

Installation Recommendation

Distributed WLAN-Analyse – The Gigabit WLAN Analysis Appliance detects the wireless network traffic directly from the WLAN APs and can then analyze the data securely and effectivel. Omnipliance WiFi receives all data packets to capture the complete WLAN traffic on the used WLAN controller and use the data to investigate and record speed. The WiFi analysis takes place locally and the data is evaluated continuously over a secure 24x7 network. This approach of packet analysis is crucial for environments with high WiFi-enabled datasets, as only then a 100-percent network capture is ensured.

Remote Analysis – WiFi networks are increasingly taking on a critical role in corporate networks and the related administration of such infrastructure is increasingly expensive. These local WiFi network infrastructures are managed by the IT departments, making failure analysis of these components more difficult and time-consuming. This is not the case with our solution. Omnipliance WiFi allows hotspots and these wireless networks to be remotely monitored and captured for packet analysis data, regardless of location. Omnipliance WiFi uses active access points on your network and allows you to access wireless data for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes for remotely analysis. You can easily measure, analyze and evaluate the wireless performance of each site, eliminating the need for time-consuming tasks to find a fault.

WLAN Forensics - Omnipliance WiFi records the entire wireless activity 24x7, so you can examine WLAN security and performance issues in real time or after an incident. With our wireless forensics solution you can easily adjust occurred events and forensically analyze communications and other data on critical transactions. With full data recording, you have full access to the forensic analysis necessary to evaluate data packets. Our solution allows you to increase the security of your wireless infrastructure, leaving nothing to chance.

Omnipliance Gigabit WiFi Compatible Access Points

The Omnipliance WiFi verification program Savvius has extensive validation and conformance testing to ensure seamless interoperability with the most common and popular access points in the industry. Because of this, Savvius ensures the Omnipliance WiFi solution taps directly to all WLAN traffic (including 802.11ac) for full recording of these compatible access points for detailed wireless analysis.
Current compatible devices for the analysis of Gigabit WiFi (802.11ac) infrastructures include:
• Aruba Networks AP-225
• Cisco Systems-AP3700

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