XenaCompact – a 1U mobile network tester

XenaCompact is a compact Ethernet tester to validate Ethernet network infrastructures such as 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 40 Gigabit Ethernet and 100 Gigabit Ethernet. Thanks to its SFP, SFP + and QSFP +, you can easily change the transceiver to test copper and optical network media.

Bild: XenaCompact ist ein sehr leistungsstarkes und mobiles Testgerät für alle Situationen.

Flight Case (FC-XC)

We recommend you purchase this robust flight case (FC-XC) to ensure safe and easy transportation of your XenaCompact. It weighs just 5KG and will protect your XenaCompact from damage that could occur during transport. It’s made from aluminium so is very easy to transport and also has special compartments so you can easily carry your accessories such as cables and power supplies. This case has an affordable price tag and is a wise choice to protect your investment in the best way possible.

XenaBay – a modular network test system

XenaBay is a fascinating modular 12-slot chassis solution with a high port density and low power consumption. It supports 72 x 1G, 10Gbps ports, 12 x 40 Gbps ports and 6 x 100 Gbps ports, all in a 4U chassis.


12 Slots in einem 4U Gehäuse

  • Preis/Leistung
  • Einfach in der Bedienung
  • Erweiterte Architektur
  • Kostenlose Software (incl. XenaManager GUI, XenaScripting, XenaIntegrator, Xena2544, Xena1564 and Xena2889)
  • Kostenlose Software Updates (3 Jahre)
  • Lebenslange technische Unterstützung

Bild: XenaBay mit 6x 2-Port 40G Testmodulen

High-density 12 Slot 4U Test Chassis

The XenaBay test chassis offers the world’s highest density and lowest power consumption per test port making it ideal forproviders of Ethernet-based network devices and services looking for ease-of-use, cost efficiency, interoperability, and scalability. The 4U unit features 12 slots and accepts Xena’s complete range of copper and optical Gigabit Ethernet and 10/40/100-Gigabit Ethernet modules. The 10/40/100-GigE interfaces include optical SFP+, XFP, SR4, LR4, and SR10. The GigE interfaces include copper 10/100/1000M Ethernet and optical 100/1000M Ethernet.
The XenaBay can be deployed together with or as an alternative to test equipment from Ixia and Spirent, at a price point which obsoletes in-house custom built test solution projects. The high precision, stream based, wire-speed traffic generation and analysis capabilities make it ideal for testing network devices under deliberate error, stress, and random conditions. Packet formats can be defined per individual packet byte, and packet spacing, transmission rates, and bursts can be defined with byte and kbps accuracy. Network equipment manufacturers and service providers can demonstrate that end user triple play QoE is guaranteed during network congestion, by generating traffic loads representing tens of thousands of individual network users.

Extensive software included

Included free with every XenaBay is a Packet Generator Analyzer package for testing RFC2544, RFC2889, RFC 3918, and Y.1564. The XenaManager GUI make ad-hoc test execution and remote management of test equipment located in multiple locations, simple, while XenaIntegrator is included for easy management of very large numbers of test streams. The package also includes XenaScripting which is an open TCP/IP based text API that lets users automate testing from any software environment, using Tcl, Python, Perl, VBA and Java wrappers to convert to/from the generic Xena Command Line Interface (CLI) format.

Thanks to an extensive choice of test modules and software (see below) customers can use Xena Networks’ test devices in many ways:

Network interface

Xena provides test modules with all Ethernet speeds from 10 Mbit/s to 100 Gb/s, including our unique trip-speed 10/40/100GBit/s test module. SFP, SFP + and CFP are among the types that are currently available. The 10GBase-T and QSFP test modules will be available soon, along with the QSFP2.

Traffic generation

Xena’s traffic generation engine represents the latest state of the art technology and can emulate large L2-3 traffic flows based on custom traffic profiles. Traffic headers include IPv4, IPv6, UDP MPLS, QinQ and a variety of other protocols, as well as software applications to easily and automatically create thousands of traffic streams in large test environments.

Performance analysis

Our user-friendly software applications provide accurate real-time measurements for hardware performance per port and stream as well as filters for latency, jitter, loss, throughput and BER. There are also real-time histograms, wire-speed packet capture with Wireshark, very precise network convergence performance statistics and 40/100G PRBS readings.


There’s progressive monitoring of performance metrics with database-driven logging in real-time and graphical charts, which are constantly updated in real time. These powerful troubleshooting tools are characteristic of the product. Other monitoring functions include transparent port-to-port loop modes (also called inline loop mode). These are available for all RX-path functions, such as filter statistics and wire-speed (as is standard with Wireshank) packet capture, with the potential to join multiple Multicast groups per test port.

Timing and synchronisation

Xena has both 1G and 10G test modules with advanced clock and timing abilities to validate synchronous Ethernet (SyncE). The test module’s SMA connectors allow you to connect the clock to an external time source and you can extract and route synchronous readings to an external analysis tool with MTIE TIE and MTIE/TDEV graph capacity.

Functional and conformance testing

Xena Networks and Veryx Technologies have created a test platform that combines Xena's extremely powerful and fast Ethernet test hardware with the Veryx powerful test suite portfolio for functional and conformance tests in IP and Ethernet environments. These help network managers to carry out conformance and functional tests for a wide range of network protocols, including MEF 2.0, Carrier Ethernet OAM, Carrier Ethernet Ring Protection Switching and IPv6 Forum host and router conformance testing.

Test automation

XenaManager and XenaScripting use test automation to send CLI commands as lines of text on a TCP / IP connection. Client platforms also support Tcl *, Perl * Python *, Java *, and VBA. All Xena chassis support multiple, simultaneous scripting sessions, where various users can work on the same Xena chassis at the same time.

Test suites

We offer a variety of software applications for testing according to IEEE and ITU-T standards, as set out in IEEE RFC 2544, RFC 2889, RFC 3918, and ITU-T Y.1564. These test suites are available as GUI applications and are unique as they can be integrated into test automation environments.

You can extend functionality using Xena’s various software applications. Xena provides a comprehensive suite of free software, which builds on the functional diversity of our test equipment: XenaManager is a GUI application for ad-hoc traffic creation and for performance analyses within the Xena test environment. It supports multi-user environments as well as combined operation via GUI and scripting environments. XenaIntegrator is a complementary tool that goes with XenaManager and is used for monitoring, logging and producing graphs showing the results of performance measurement, as well as automatic stream generation within large test environments

XenaScripting provides a command-line interface (CLI) for automated test environments, which allows access to all functions using any scripting language (tcp, Python, Perl, Java, VBA). Of course, this also applies to Telnet environments.

Xena2544 allows standardised tests according to RFC to be carried out for throughput, latency, frame loss and burst performance. These can also be carried out via script environments. Xena1564 can carry out tests to comply with Ethernet SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ITU-T Y.1564 standard and once again these can also be carried out via script environments. Using Xena 3819, advanced IP multicast network tests can be carried out in accordance with RFC 3918. Xena2889 lets you accurately benchmark layer 2 switch performance. XenaLink is a unique application specifically designed for automated testing and to give service providers a high level of Ethernet transparency.

We are happy to advise you and look forward to hearing from you!

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