Hybrid OM4 1G Fiber TAP
LC Multimode > RJ45
1000Base-SX – SR 50/50

PacketRaven network TAPs, even in their standard version, are among the network components through which an attack vector is excluded.
For high-security areas according to IEC 62443 and critical infrastructures (KRITIS), however, even this is sometimes not sufficient, which is why NEOX Networks now also offers a specially hardened version of its TAPs.
These TAPs can be delivered pre-configured, if desired, and then do not allow any subsequent configuration changes. In addition, they are secured against unwanted or unnoticed opening by special screws and security seals.
And to round it all off, these TAPs also have specially secured and encrypted firmware. Secureboot checks each time the TAP is started whether the firmware to be executed has a valid signature and an authorized public key.

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