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Qual'IT has been developed by J3TEL, a French company specialized in IT Performance Management. J3TEL has been created 30 years ago to become a leader in test, measurement, performance management of Networks and Applications. Starting as a product distributor for LAN, WAN, UMTS and VoIP analyzers J3TEL has quickly evolved to create a portfolio of products and services that meets customers' requirements in terms of Performance Management.

After several years of operations, it appeared clearly to the J3TEL team that a brick was missing in the different offerings from its partners. The concept of Qual'IT emerged in 2009 to meet the following challenges : an easy to deploy, simple to use, solution to measure the quality of the network, validate the infrastructure and be quickly in a position to define whether an IT service issue comes from the network or not.

When we talk “Network” we talk about the Network infrastructure, including elements as the DNS, the Web server or proxy, NTP, Mail Servers. J3TEL started the development of the solution, and its success led to more investment in 2012 to go faster and quicker and enrich the solution with many new features: PCAP Capture, Web Services, Cartography to name a few. Today the solution has been deployed widely in Europe, and is used by the whole J3TEL team to provide audit services. J3TEL is composed of 30 employees, mainly technical staff, specialized and focused into Performance Management.


“The Qual'IT solution is unique in many ways”



The Qual'IT solution is unique in many ways, and in particular:

  • Easy to use solution, light to deploy, requiring little training (a day training is enough for any experienced network operator). Too many performance management solutions are complex, heavy to deploy, requiring lots of trainings that make them not used by the teams,
  • Cover all network infrastructure elements including proxy servers, DNS, LDAP, NTP servers. That feature makes it a very complete tool that not only proves that you can transfer a datagram from point A to point B but that the whole infrastructure is in a good shape or not.
  • Open solution: Web Services, light agent, makes it a solution that can be easily integrated into any management or monitoring solution. We are not trying to trap you into a closed solution, we want to give you the flexibility of using our solution as a valuable part of your operation tools.

With the J3TEL team, we want to be able to talk to you and work with you to provide you the best solution to meet your need. We are a technical company, proud of what we achieved, excited by the challenge of IT Performance Management. Our best reward is to get your call and be able to discuss with you about the best way to meet your requirement.



J3TEL is owned by the group HBG. HBG is a diversified group, with 1,100 people, present in 6 countries. HBG turnover was 150 M€ in 2012. HBG has diversified in Industry, B to B services and distribution. HBG is special because of the very strong involvement of its management into helping companies composing the group to grow and develop.

“We received the validation of the Tolly Group in Q4 2014”

International Recognition

In Performance Management it is crucial to check that the tool you used will give you accurate measurement. If you are not sure of your measurement tool, it is better not to have a tool altogether! J3TEL made the decision to get the best possible validation and we received the validation of the Tolly Group in Q4 2014.


Download - Tolly Group Report



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