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NEOX NETWORKS GmbH is an innovative company specialising in network analysis and performance monitoring. When it comes to exchanging digital information your network infrastructure acts as the central nervous system for your IT services, combining man and machine and providing a platform for real-time communication.

Today’s applications, including business-critical applications, must be continuously available and perform without a hitch! When you have a network failure or if an important business application is affected by a fault, you need to act quickly. Our solutions help you to spot errors early on, so that you can take the right steps to avoid malfunctions.

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Network TAPs are passive network components for the analysis of your critical network data. With the help of network TAPs, you can conveniently, reliably and, above all, without affecting the active network connection, extract all your data traffic as a copy of the network traffic and evaluate it with the appropriate tools. This gives you a complete overview of all transactions and permanent access to all your network data at all times. Whether retroactive TAPs, Breakout TAPs, Aggregation TAPs, Filtering TAPs, Replication TAPs, Bypass TAPs or Media Changing TAPs: We guarantee that we have the right TAP for your application!

Garland Technology


With the products of LiveAction you have a permanent overview of the "health" of your network across all locations! This enables you to quickly identify communication errors, avoid problems in advance and significantly reduce the number of on-site technician visits. Whether with packets, flow data, SNMP or an API as data source, whether conventional network infrastructure or SDN (Software Defined Network) or SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network), whether data center or cloud, with LiveAction you have everything in view. You can easily identify trends, actively counteract them if necessary and thus significantly improve IT service quality.



Using network packet generators, you can easily identify performance bottlenecks by generating individual network load. By selectively changing the amount of data, packet size and many other parameters, you can test your network for various stress situations. This method helps you to identify sporadic errors that occur due to performance problems. This allows you to see and measure the effects of different stress factors on the functioning of critical applications in real time: How much load can your network actually handle without compromising critical functionality? What about the latency period? When do packet losses occur?

Xena Networks


Napatech's network cards are highly optimized to capture network traffic at full line speed, with extremely low CPU load on the host server. Lossless packet capture is critical for applications that need to analyze all network traffic. If anything needs to be discarded, the application makes that decision, so this must not be a restriction on the NICs. Normal NICs are designed from the ground up to work only for communication where the network data that is not addressed to the sender or receiver is simply discarded, and therefore not designed for analysis applications.



The Extrahop Visibility platform provides uncompromising real-time analysis of your network and wire data, supported by machine learning, with very granular threat alerts and in-depth research. Extrahop decodes over 50 important enterprise protocols (including TLS 1.3, for example) to give you a complete overview of what's happening in your network. Time-consuming troubleshooting is a thing of the past with the agentless platform, which explores your network independently and without much setup effort for you and, according to Gartner, is one of the few "leaders" in the Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics.



With iTrinegy network emulators, you can realistically simulate a variety of network conditions such as latency, jitter, packet loss/error/rearrangement, and bandwidth constraints, allowing you to simulate environments such as wide area networks (WANs), wireless LANs, GPRS, 3G, IP over radio/radio over IP (RoIP), satellite, or MPLS networks. It is then possible to test the performance of new (or existing) applications in these replicated networks. Using these products from development and testing to deployment ensures that your application will work in your target network and perform its job without costly repair, recoding or redesign.



Flowmon uses the latest IP flow monitoring technology to help you protect your network against threats. At the same time, Flowmon enables you to significantly improve the performance of your networks and applications. The solution, recognized by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) and recommended by Cisco and Checkpoint, provides real-time network traffic visibility, proactive detection of threats such as DDoS and botnets that cannot be detected with firewalls, IDS and antivirus software, and detection and diagnosis of operational and configuration problems.



Our PacketFalcon products are powerful recording devices for all types of speeds, enabling IT organizations to analyze, monitor and accurately record traffic without compromise. PacketFalcon allows permanent access to 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G network media for detailed analysis, including forensic analysis of past events. PacketFalcon supports security teams by recording data at key network points while keeping the traffic that can result from this data collection as low as possible. By indexing the data and providing simple and complex filters, PacketFalcon enables security teams to quickly investigate and stop attacks.


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IT Security

NEOX NETWORKS GmbH meets the stringent safety requirements of the TeleTrusT Association and is awarded the “Security made in Germany” seal of quality!

We are looking forward to receiving this award and want to emphasize that data protection and IT security is very important to us.

Performant Wireshark implementation

Would you like to know how you can implement Wireshark up to 14x better than before?


Our Sales Engineer Patrick Nixdorf will show you in his blog post on the topic how you can achieve this.

Safire, Chimera and Vantage from Xena Networks

Three new products are available from Xena Networks:

Whitepapers available from us

Recently, we have made available to you free whitepapers of our manufacturers.

The first five white papers can already be ordered on our Website.

PacketMAX 100G 64 Port Advanced Aggregator from Garland Technology

After the 32-port version of the PacketMAX 100G Advanced Aggregator, Garland Technology has now released a 64-port Version of the device.

Our Services:

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  • Network Analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network Monitoring (passive and active)
  • Network Performance Monitoring NPM
  • Application Performance Monitoring APM
  • Video & VoIP Analysis
  • WLAN Analysis and Troubleshooting

Our Expertise

BIG Data is all the rage and 40G/100G technologies are no longer indispensable. Higher speeds bring new challenges for network administrators. The capacity of analysis tools are limited, yet due to compliance, security, forensics or other reasons, they’re forced to capture network data for analysis. Furthermore, applications behave differently in the WAN environment than the LAN, therefore a monitoring solution with the possibility of carrying out performance measurements in real time is an important component in the analysis of business-critical applications.

Are you seeing problems with application response times or even experiencing network outages? Then we help you in the diagnosis and correction of these problems. We look at the cause and get to the root of the problem. Even small errors can have a great impact on networks. A misconfigured or poorly maintained DNS server can affect your network speed tremendously. Network taps help to analyze the data and pass it to the Analyzer safely, without affecting the network line.

Are you seeing problems with application response times or even experiencing network outages? Then we help you in the diagnosis and correction of these problems. We look at the cause and get to the root of the problem. Even small errors can have a great impact on networks. A misconfigured or poorly maintained DNS server can affect your network speed tremendously. Network taps help to analyze the data and pass it to the Analyzer safely, without affecting the network line.

Network Glossary

What’s a Network Tap?

The term ‘TAP’ is an acronym that stands for ‘Test Access Port’. A Tap creates a passive access point on the network, so network data transmitted via the cable can be read for analysis purposes. Taps also copy critical network packets with CRC errors, which is of great importance for debugging or analysis. Read more

What’s a Port Aggregation Tap?

A port aggregation Tap is different from the normal Tap in that the coupled-full-duplex TX & RX data are aggregated for a single output port. A monitoring port gathers the data needed for analysis so the monitoring device doesn’t need to use any additional interfaces. Read more

What’s a Regeneration Tap?

Regeneration Taps work like regular network Taps but they provide monitored data to multiple analysis tools simultaneously. Data gathered from the network can be monitored by several monitoring tools at the same time for different purposes. Read more

What are Bypass Taps (Switches)?

Bypass Taps (also called bypass switches) are looped directly into the network cable infrastructure to ensure an uninterrupted network connection. They increase the availability of your data line during the operation of active components sitting directly on the line. These devices, which are usually IPS or WAF systems, are designed to pick up traffic directly on the line and analyse it. This means that they’re directly installed on the line. read more

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