PacketDirector - Centralised network management GUI

NEOXPacketDirector is a centralized management system, a single pane of glass which provides users with a holistic view of the devices across the network topology and helps them configure, monitor, manage and operate the Network Visibility deployment.

The centralized NEOXPacketDirector software enhances the productivity of network operations and DevOps teams and helps them maximize the ROI from the network visibility equipment in their organization.

NEOXPacketDirector enables auto discovery and management of hundreds of virtual and physical NEOX Network Packet Brokers of our PacketLion and PacketTiger product families. It collects network statistics and traffic telemetry stored in elastic databases and displayed with real-time graphic visualization utilizing Kibana and Grafana dashboards.

Alarms and events from managed devices trigger email notifications from the PacketDirector, and users can define different events and triggers per device according to cross devices events.

Packet Director Deployment

PacketDirector Einsatzbeispiel
PacketDirector Deployment Example

PacketDirector is a centralized management system that manages all NEOXPacketLion and NEOXPacketTiger products portfolio to enable device configuration, statistics and alarm collection, and bulk operations for ongoing management.


  •   Software based solution that is available on both VM and containers
  •   Single tool for centralized management of both physical and virtual visibility devices
  •   Scheduler for bulk operations and tasks for multiple devices (configuration, backup, upgrade, reboot, scripting)
  •   Centralized filter management per device rules and across devices rules via clustering
  •   Clustering of up to 100 Network Packet Brokers into a single unit, allowing for policy definition between cross-connected devices

License Packages

Item No. Max. Devices Software License
NX-PDS-25-1Y 25 1 year
NX-PDS-50-1Y 50 1 year
NX-PDS-100-1Y 100 1 year
NX-PDS-200-1Y 200 1 year
NX-PDS-25-2Y 25 2 years
NX-PDS-50-2Y 50 2 years
NX-PDS-100-2Y 100 2 years
NX-PDS-200-2Y 200 2 years
NX-PDS-25-3Y 25 3 years
NX-PDS-50-3Y 50 3 years
NX-PDS-100-3Y 100 3 years
NX-PDS-200-3Y 200 3 years

Key Features

Auto Discovery
Statistics Collection
Statistics Collection
Bulk Operation
Alarms Collection
Alarms Collection
Elastic Database
Elastic Database
Graphical Dashboards
Graphical Dashboards
Email Notifications
Email Notifications
Scheduler for Bulk Tasks
Scheduler for
Bulk Tasks
Upgrade Manager
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PacketDirector Datasheet Download
Datasheet – PacketDirector

PacketDirector DEMO

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