Research and Development

Xena Networks’ testing platforms have been built to test network components in laboratories and development environments. The world’s leading network equipment manufacturers use Xena’s testers.

Function tests – Companies who develop new Gigabit Ethernet devices or technologies in their R&D labs require a solution with all the important functions to perform experiments and function tests on new devices and networks. Xena combines easy-to-use GUI-based software applications with a powerful yet simple CLI (Command Line Interface), which is why Xena Networks test solutions are used in development laboratories across the globe.

Conformance Testing

Xena Networks and Veryx Technologies have created a test platform that combines Xena’s extremely fast, powerful Ethernet test hardware with Veryx’s large portfolio of test suites for functional and conformance tests in IP and Ethernet environments. This results in a unique test platform, which allows network and device managers to carry out functional tests for a variety of network protocols, including Carrier Ethernet CE 2.0 (as well as MEF 9, MEF 14 and MEF 21), Carrier Ethernet OAM and Carrier Ethernet Ring Protection Switching, such as IPv6 Forum host and router conformance tests.


Xena’s strong price/performance ratio is the best in the industry and allows R&D departments to test scenarios on large numbers of ports at a fraction of the cost of other test solutions. This includes tests on Ethernet speeds from 10Mbit/s to 100GBit/s as well as mass testing of OTN network components with a high number of ports.

Production and Quality Assurance

Testers who use Xena benefit from an indispensible precision, reliability, scalability and scripting capability for testing in manufacturing environments and quality assurance. Xena’s test equipment is used in production environments for testing telecommunication networks, optical transceivers and upgraded network devices for businesses and end users.

Quality assurance – Standard test suites such as RFC 2544 are used to check systems and hardware and the test results can easily be documented for quality assurance purposes. Xena’s test suites can run in both GUI and script environments, which means that interleaved debugging is possible for both.

Manufacturing – Quality and yield statistics can be documented to test manufacturing performance, which helps to improve production. In automated production environments Xena provides powerful yet simple CLI (Command Line Interface) controls via scripting through languages such as TCL, Python, Perl, Java, and Visual Basic. Due to its simplicity and ease of use it has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Network Tests

The demand for Xena’s devices is rising across the world along with the steady increase in Ethernet access and regional transmission networks. Users are deploying Ethernet transmission services of up to 100G between sites and aggregation points and using high-speed backhaul links for mobile technologies such as LTE.

Pre-deployment and component selection – This includes functional and conformance tests to MEF 2.0 standard for Carrier Ethernet and Ethernet Ring Protection Switching. Other pre-deployment and component validation applications include real-time chart-based analysis for different QoS/DSCP traffic types (jitter, latency, loss) as the network is loaded. There’s also a highly accurate analysis of the network’s convergence time following a line failure.

Service Delivery

Network service providers use Xena Networks’ test devices to ensure that network performance meets their service level agreements (SLAs). They use standard test suites such as Y.1564 for testing mobile backhaul services, or to handle mass activation of Ethernet services for business customers at central and remote office locations.

Other applications include RFC 2544, which determines suitable GFP mapping for Ethernet over SONET applications. Xena’s unique test suite can also be used to run automated Ethernet transparency tests.  

In-service tests: Network service providers use Xena to test the SLA compliance of Ethernet backhaul circuits for throughput, jitter, delay and burst using Y.1564. Xena applications offer flexibility through scripting which enables service providers to easily integrate tens to hundreds of tests or SLA checks into their automated network infrastructure at the same time as network maintenance is taking place.


Xena’s tools can be used to monitor performance in various ways, including long-term monitoring and logging throughput, packet loss in wireless connectivity, performance analysis in multicast video networks and precise real-time analysis of latency and jitter. Applications that aren’t related to performance monitoring include characterisation and analysis of OAM flows in networks.

Sales and customer support

Xena Networks testers are ideal for any customer who is trying out a new device and needs performance analysis. Demonstrations: Thanks for the light weight and compact nature of XenaCompact the products can be easily transported from the lab environment and technical sales and marketing staff can set up test scenarios from the R&D laboratory at fairs and other events. This includes, for example, Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) demonstrations as laboratory feasibility studies.  

Site troubleshooting – Debugging network problems on a customer’s site can often require a tool with diverse functions for performance testing. Xena’s testers provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional testers for in-field troubleshooting.

Technical support offices-The unique price/performance ratio of Xena’s test equipment means they’re the ideal solution for remote applications and customer support offices.

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