Finance and Leasing - by Sasun Bughdaryan via Unsplash

Financing advantages through leasing

We will be happy to prepare an individual leasing offer for you together with our partners! Take advantage of the many benefits of leasing our products and services:

Enjoy tax advantages, because leasing instalments are fully deductible as business expenses for tax purposes if the leasing object is assigned to the leasing donor for tax purposes.

Benefit from balance sheet neutrality, because as a lessee, leasing objects do not appear on your balance sheet. Only the leasing instalments are booked as operating expenses in the profit and loss account. Your equity ratio and your debt ratio do not change. The leasing provider capitalises the leasing object as a fixed asset or leasing asset (off-balance-sheet financing).

The leasing rate also serves as a secure basis for calculation, because it is not affected by interest rate changes or rating changes, even in the long term.

Leasing also has a positive effect on your liquidity, because the leasing company takes over the financing of the object. This gives you more financial leeway for future decisions. Your dependence on credit institutions is also reduced.

Another advantage of leasing is the “pay as you earn” concept: the leasing object finances itself, as it were, because the leasing instalments accrue at the same time as the use of the object (effect/cost congruence). Advance financing is avoided because the financing expense is spread over the useful life and thus over the period in which income is generated from the object.

The term of the contract and the amount of the leasing instalments are fixed from the outset, which gives you planning security.

With regard to the term, amortisation and payment schedule as well as the method of payment, it is possible to adapt to different needs by means of an individual contract design.

Please contact us for a leasing offer by phone (+49 6103 / 37 215-910) or use our contact form.

We will be happy to consult you and look forward to hearing from you!