Providing Security, Agility and Insight for Dynamic Cloud Connectivity

Since the turn of the century, Cloud computing has evolved to address a wider range of needs. Applications that one never imagined would leave the premises are now supported by cloud services. Indeed, it is hard to imagine any application that could not be supported using a cloud model…


Accelerated PCAP: An Architecture for Precision Packet Capture and Analysis on High-Speed Networks

There are a number of tools and capabilities available to engineers and administrators to help them manage and secure large and small-scale networks alike. Still, few capabilities are as fundamental to this task as packet capture (PCAP)…


Latency and Jitter in Networking Performance

Latency and jitter are key measurement parameters when evaluating and benchmarking the performance of a network, system or device. Different applications have different requirements on traffi c latency and jitter. For example, Voice over IP (VoIP) services are sensitive to latency and jitter, while data transfer is more tolerant…



Microburst is a phenomenon where data packets are transmitted in rapid burst. It can lead to periods of full line-rate transmission that overflow packet buffers oft he network stack. Traffic flows and applications often show a bursty behavior when transported across IP networks or in data centers…


Network TAPs 101

Providing unfettered access to all of the bits, bytes and packets flowing through a network is a critical piece of network design. Without it, security appliances, monitoring devices and analytical solutions cannot function optimally – a critical issue in a world where downtime or a security breach could cost millions.


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