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Our Expertise

Network Analysis and High-Speed Capture

BIG Data is all the rage and 40G/100G technologies are no longer indispensable. Higher speeds bring new challenges for network administrators. The capacity of analysis tools are limited, yet due to compliance, security, forensics or other reasons, they’re forced to capture network data for analysis. Furthermore, applications behave differently in the WAN environment than the LAN, therefore a monitoring solution with the possibility of carrying out performance measurements in real time is an important component in the analysis of business-critical applications.


Are you planning to roll out a new application, but want to make sure that this new application works smoothly and does not adversely affect existing business-critical applications? We offer this aa a special service in which we simulate client or server traffic and observe the effect on your network. Here, response times are measured end to end as the network is subjected to a stress test. By doing so, we collect relevant details and gain valuable information that we can present to you very clearly in the results.

Network Performance Analysis

Are you seeing problems with application response times or even experiencing network outages? Then we help you in the diagnosis and correction of these problems. We look at the cause and get to the root of the problem. Even small errors can have a great impact on networks. A misconfigured or poorly maintained DNS server can affect your network speed tremendously. Network taps help to analyze the data and pass it to the Analyzer safely, without affecting the network line.

Our Range of Services:

  • Network Analysis, , Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting (trend analysis, capacity analysis, user and protocol Report, Measurement of Round Trip Times, Response Times, packet loss, TCP Analysis, ICMP, retransmissions, window size, etc.
  • Network Performance Analysis NPM (latencies and their impact on applications)
  • Application Performance Analysis APM Deep Packet Inspection (DPI, payload analysis, analysis of the application)
  • Video & VoIP (VoIP measurement, MOS analysis, RTP & RTCP analysis, jitter and delay measurements, VoIP Billing and creation of CDR, codec reporting)
  • Analysis of Virtual Networks
  • Web Traffic Analysis (analysis of HTTP traffic, response times, performance reporting)
  • Network Testing (stress testing, load testing, functional testing of network devices under full load, up to 100Gbps, etc.)

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