Modular, Portable & Virtual

PacketRaven Family - Modular, Portable, Hardened and Virtual Network TAPs

The term TAP is an abbreviation and stands for Test Access Port.
A network TAP, also called Ethernet TAP, establishes a passive access point to a network connection, with which the data signals transmitted via the cable can be read and evaluated for analysis purposes.

Once installed, a TAP can be used to provide the entire data traffic transparently, quickly, easily and without affecting the active network line for various monitoring applications.

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NEOXPacketLion & NEOXPacketTiger

High-End, Next-Gen & Virtual

PacketLion und PacketTiger - High-End, Next-Gen und virtuelle Netzwerk-Paket-Broker

Network Packet Brokers, also called Data (Network) Monitoring Switches, help you to intelligently manage your passively tapped network data and - through innovative technology - provide the analysis tools with the data packets reliably and in optimized form.

Media type and speed of your network do not matter, because these devices are equipped with SFP+/SFP28/QSFP+/QSFP28/QSFP-DD connectors and process the data packets without affecting the active line and redistribute them according to your requirements.

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Thanks to its FPGA-based architecture, the NEOXPacketWolf is the ideal platform for advanced packet processing of network data up to 400G.

Designed to take advantage of advanced features such as deduplication, header stripping, packet slicing, and more, the PacketWolf serves as a complement to a network packet broker, such as our NEOXPacketLion.

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NEOXPacketDirector - Network-Management-System

NEOXPacketDirector is a centralized management system, a single pane of glass which provides users with a holistic view of the devices across the network topology and helps them configure, monitor, manage and operate the Network Visibility deployment.

The centralized NEOXPacketDirector software enhances the productivity of network operations and DevOps teams and helps them maximize the ROI from the network visibility equipment in their organization.

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NEOXPacketGrizzly & NEOXPacketFalcon

Modular and Portable

PacketFalcon & PacketGrizzly - Network Forensics & Packet Capture Appliance

Our PacketFalcon and PacketGrizzly products are powerful recorders for all types of speeds, enabling IT organizations to manage the analysis, monitoring and accurate recording of traffic without compromise.

Our solutions allow continuous 24 x 7 access to 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G network media for detailed analysis, including forensic analysis of past events.

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Intelligent Inline Network

PacketHawk - Bypass Switch

A Bypass TAP/Switch is essential for maintaining uninterrupted connectivity and smooth network operation. It acts as a fail-safe mechanism in the event that devices fail or require maintenance, allowing traffic to continue flowing without interruption.

It also provides the flexibility to reroute traffic for security monitoring or analysis purposes without impacting network performance.

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