Easily Monitor and Optimize Performance
of Your Entire Cisco Network Environment

LiveAction’s LiveNX provides a single network performance platform to monitor, manage, and optimize Cisco network performance by working seamlessly with Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela), Cisco SD-Access, Cisco DNA Center, Catalyst series switches, Cisco unified communications, and Cisco Meraki.

A Single Platform for Cisco
Network Performance Monitoring and Optimization

LiveNX easily monitors, manages, and optimizes Cisco network performance across network fabrics such as SD-WAN and SD-Access, and provides visibility in data centers with ACI.

LiveNX - Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Platform

CISCO and LiveAction

To support emerging, software-defined, and multicloud architectures without compromising user experience or straining resources, IT leaders need clearer performance visibility and a greater understanding of the enterprise network in order to reduce the risks of adoption and governance of the latest technologies. LiveAction’s LiveNX leverages Cisco technologies to visualize application performance across the network for rapid troubleshooting and accelerated deployment of SD-WAN. It collects, aggregates, and correlates network performance telemetry from NetFlow, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and IPFIX. It also provides historical playback of network data and delivers continuous insights on network performance to reduce troubleshooting and improve a user’s experience.

Key Features:

  • Unified performance monitoring for SD-WAN planning, deployment, and operations
  • QoS monitoring and management
  • Configurable dashboards for NetOps teams
  • Event-to-alert mapping
  • Fast Lane reporting
  • Voice, video, and UC troubleshooting
  • Capacity planning reports and workflows
  • Service management integration with ServiceNow and PagerDuty
  • Flexible deployment with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine integration

Advanced SD-WAN Performance Management

Within a single platform, LiveNX provides visual analytics and reporting to monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela), as well as other vendors’ network environments.

SD-WAN has emerged as a game changer for distributed networks to address the demands of digital transformation. Successfully migrating a legacy network to SD-WAN or a hybrid network requires greater insight into network performance, quality of service (QoS) policies, path routing, and traffic management.

LiveNX integrates with all Cisco SD-WAN solutions to help ensure that key application performance is baselined, and network policies and configurations deliver the targeted application behavior. Network topology maps enable NetOps teams to view top application traffic, performance, and bandwidth, and also report on pre- and post-environments for initiative status.

Viptela (Cisco SD WAN) integration with Live Action

Cisco SD-WAN Deployment

LiveNX enables SD-WAN deployments by understanding and baselining your current network environment (day 0); verifying policies, traffic performance, and application performance at go-live (day 1); and ongoing optimization of network performance (day 2+).

As a Cisco preferred partner, LiveNX is the only network monitoring platform to provide deep integrations, along with the power and scale, to optimize performance of your Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela). Gain rich insights into nearly all aspects of your SD-WAN to get the most from your investment.

  • Plan and design (Day 0), verify policies and intent (Day 1), and optimize ongoing (Day 2+) your Cisco SD-WAN initiative
  • Proactively identify issues and quickly resolve issues within your SD-WAN
  • Optimize Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) performance: Verify policies, transports, and fabric performance
  • Operationalize across multi-vendor devices

Lifecycle Best Practices for SD-WAN – Day 0, 1, 2 (David Izumo Solution Theater) from LiveAction.

Cisco SD-Access Integration

LiveNX provides visual analytics for SD-Access by gathering flow, SNMP, SD-Access semantics, among other telemetry data directly from Cisco devices, such as Catalyst 9000 Series switches and DNA Center, for deep network insights and faster troubleshooting at branches and campuses.

LiveNX integrates with Cisco SD-Access to provide granular segmentation at a virtual network level (micro level) and scalable group technology level (macro level) and then cross-correlates this data through visual analytics for fast troubleshooting and SD-Access verification.

LiveNX for Cisco SD-Access Network Monitoring allows you to quickly resolve network issues:

  • Engineering Console – Provides network monitoring and visibility into edge nodes and intermediator nodes (e.g., Catalyst 9000) to understand how data plane is working and about the client conversions themselves.
  • Real-Time NetFlow View – Visibility into virtual networks and correlate this to end-users.
  • Operations Dashboard for SD-Access traffic assessment in a single view to drill into verification for SD-Access. This allows for historic playback and insights of end-users, client connectively, applications, and server resources.
  • DNA Center Cross-Launch – With LiveNX, you can cross-launch into DNA Center to see individual users and troubleshoot end-user network issues.

LiveNX uses Cisco SD-Access to gather telemetry data directly from Cisco network devices, such as the Catalyst 9000 switches, using flow and SNMP – including fabric telemetry via NetFlow for overlay and underlying end-to-end communications. Additionally, LiveNX and makes northbound API calls to DNA Center for inventory, sites, devices, and SD-Access semantics.

LiveNX and Cisco SD-Access Integration (David Izumo) from LiveAction.

Cisco QoS Configuration and Monitoring

LiveNX integrates with Cisco devices making it easy to monitor QoS performance for individual interfaces, applications, and classes to identify the size, scope and nature of policy impact on critical applications. Additionally, LiveNX provides the ability to save, backup, and deploy configuration changes.

Fix VoIP call issues from LiveAction.

Cisco DNA Center Extended Visibility

LiveNX integrates with the Cisco DNA architecture extending Cisco network performance check, reporting, and diagnostics from all DNA domains to Cisco SD-WAN and beyond.

LiveAction is a DNA Ecosystem partner that has developed deep integrations into Cisco’s DNA Ecosystem, complementing the capabilities of vManage and DNA Center. LiveNX delivers consolidated views for overlay-underlay, fabric-based network architectures. LiveNX integrates with DNA network domains such as Cisco SD-WAN and SD-Access, gathering multiple data sets from network elements as well as the domain controllers.

LiveAction LiveNX is a network performance monitoring and diagnostics platform designed to address the needs of intent-basednetworks (IBN) and covers every domain in a Cisco DNA network as well as multi-vendor networks with consolidated, customizable dashboard views and 3-click operation workflows, ranging from capacity planning to trouble-shooting.

LiveNX can also drive performance tests with the LiveUX module to analyze application performance across any cloud deployment scenario, ranging from SaaS to UCaaS. LiveUX agents can reside in a private or public cloud, across VPCs (virtual private cloud), or embedded in DNA network elements running NFVIS (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure Software).

Recording of the CLUS Orlando 2018 Theater Presentation (Pedro Leonardo) from LiveAction on Vimeo.

Cisco Unified Communications Monitoring
and Optimization

Cisco and LiveAction bring together unified communications, SD-WAN, and visual analytics solutions that NetOps teams need to ensure clear communications and easy management of the same.

If you’re considering VoIP over SD-WAN, then you’ve likely wondered more than a few times about how to handle call quality. Because nothing spoils the savings and management benefits of SD-WAN faster than users complaining about their call experience.

Deliver and maintain the quality experience users expect with Cisco and LiveAction.

Here are 5 ways to ensure optimal call quality using VoIP over SD-WAN:

Enable collaboration experiences users will love across platforms and locations: User satisfaction starts with the solutions they’re given. That’s where Cisco Unified Communications solutions stand out: high user favorability ratings for ease of use and overall experience. Recognized leadership in innovation, performance, and work enablement. And the deepest offering to address the widest range of business needs.

Deliver voice services on a platform known for network performance: Cisco has many years of experience defining and implementing QoS for voice and real-time traffic. We understand the delay-sensitivity of voice data and the effects of packet loss, latency, and jitter on call performance. Echoes, interruptions, and strange sounds aren’t what users want. They want reliability, while you want simplification and cost reduction. Cisco SD-WAN delivers. The combination of our intelligent automation software and best-in-breed networking hardware is why CRN awarded us the top spot in its Software-Defined Networking Product of the Year in 2018.

Extend the power of your existing Cisco infrastructure: Until recently, businesses needed to upgrade their hardware to take advantage of SD-WAN. Now application-aware routing is available with a Cisco IOS XE software update for Cisco ISR/ASR routers. The update enables higher bandwidth at lower cost, better reliability, and improved QoS for voice application experiences. It also means you can more easily connect your distributed offices, people, devices, and applications.

Use visual analytics to simplify QoS management: People absorb information through images much faster than words and numbers. That’s the advantage of LiveAction, the leading network performance and visualization platform. It provides full visualization of SD-WAN and QoS, regardless of network device. It aggregates various telemetry data via traditional means, such as SNMP and IPFIX, along with API integration to Cisco vManage, to deliver continual performance visibility across applications, tunnel overlays, devices, and service provider transports.

NetOps can see, analyze, and control the SD-WAN environment end to end using intuitive visualization dashboards such as geography-based network topology maps, policy views, and flow paths. And because LiveAction is a trusted Cisco partner, it even offers deep insights across Cisco solutions to simplify overall network management.

Troubleshoot faster with pinpoint accuracy over traditional CLI commands: VoIP over SD-WAN has unique quality parameters and ranges needed for clear communications. LiveAction visual analytics helps ensure quality user experiences by monitoring performance and accelerating incident resolution.

NetOps can use a single screen to view proactive alerts when network conditions change and see the exact interaction and parameters so they can isolate and resolve performance problems. Here are ways LiveAction speeds incident resolution: 1. Deep packet inspection (DPI) for rapid root cause. Voice troubleshooting requires SIP control plane and voice call visibility for problem isolation. LiveAction brings everything together to enable rapid isolation, root cause analysis, and a quicker mean time to repair (MTTR).

2. Policy verification and visibility end to end. LiveAction looks at each device, interface, and traffic stream to ensure they’re delivering the necessary resources to meet the defined key performance indicators. When key performance thresholds are crossed, LiveNX provides operational alerts to quickly identify issues.

Cisco API and Advanced IPFIX Telemetry Supported

In a single platform, LiveNX provides visual analytics and reporting using Cisco API data, and advanced IPFIX telemetry, such as Cisco Medianet Performance Monitoring (PerfMon), Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC), and Cisco NBAR2 (Network-Based Application Recognition).

Cisco API und erweiterte IPFIX-Telemetrie werden unterstützt

Cisco SD-WAN (Meraki) Integration

LiveNX integrates with Cisco SD-WAN (Meraki) to improve network and application performance monitoring with visual analytics and reporting.

As more organizations look to Cisco for software-defined WAN (Cisco SD-WAN) for improved network performance and reduced communication costs across their remote offices and distributed branches, IT professionals need advanced performance and analytics capabilities to gain insights into performance, QoS policies, path routing, and traffic management complexities to ensure this key initiative is a success. LiveNX enterprise network monitoring software monitors performance of both the physical underlay and the virtual overlays is key to delivering end-to-end service quality. Manage your Cisco SD-WAN network and deliver optimal network performance with support for any Cisco physical and virtual SD-WAN solution.

Cisco SD-WAN (Meraki) integration with LiveNX – Use Cases from LiveAction.

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