PacketWolf - Paket Processing Appliance for up to 400G

Thanks to its FPGA-based architecture, the NEOXPacketWolf is the ideal platform for advanced packet processing of network data up to 400G.

Designed to take advantage of advanced features such as Deduplication, Header Stripping, Packet Slicing and more. the PacketWolf serves as a complement to a Network Packet Broker, such as our NEOXPacketLion.

The traffic for processing usually comes from a Packet Broker, but can also come from other sources, and after processing is sent back by the PacketWolf on the same port.

The processing of the network packets is done on the FPGA in hardware and is performed lossless up to 400Gbps by the PacketWolf .


  • Small form factor (1U)
  • Up to 4x 100G QSFP28 interfaces
  • Supports network data processing up to 400Gbps
  • FPGA design and low latency
  • Supports nanosecond timestamping
  • Scalable and easy commissioning
PacketWolf - Network Packet Processor - Anwendungsfall-Diagramm
PacketWolf – Application Diagram – Advanced Packet Processing


  • Timestamping – A timestamp is applied to each processed package with nanosecond accuracy
  • Deduplication – Removal of duplicate packets with a programmable deduplication window from 1 millisecond to 250 milliseconds
  • Packet Slicing – Slicing a packet so that it contains only the desired number of bytes or information, including a programmable number of bytes of offset.
  • Protocol Header Stripping – Remove protocol headers (e.g. VXLAN, MPLS) and extract IP packet payloads for the benefit of analysis tools that cannot process them.
  • Netflow Export * – Conversion of metadata and flow records to standard Netflow formats such as NetFlow v5, v9 and IPFIX.
  • Deep Packet Inspection * – DPI inspects every data flow to identify protocols and applications
  • Flow Shunting * – A host application can make a decision to block certain IP flows via an API call based on the DPI results.
  • Flow Mapping * – A host application can route traffic flows (by adding VLAN tags) to specific analysis tools based on DPI results
  • Packet Masking * – Overwriting personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card numbers, passwords, and the like.
  • Regex Matching * – A method for finding and matching text patterns in packet data streams.
  • GTP Filtering * – Filtering of GTP packets by message type (e.g. mobility management, tunnel management, etc.)
  • GTP Correlation * – Monitoring traffic in a GTP tunnel while simultaneously matching and correlating all identified subscriber control and data sessions.

       * On request



  • 2x XEON Silver processors
  • 1/10G LAN Management Port
  • Redundant and hot swapable AC power supplies
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x 500GB SSD storage for the operating system

Power Supply

  • Input: 100 to 120 VAC – or- 200 to 240 VAC
  • 2 power supply units with 500W each
  • Output: 500W each at 100 VAC or 240 VAC

Operating Temperature

  • 10° to 35° C (50° to 95° F) at sea level

Relative Humidity

  • In operation – 8% to 90% relative humidity (Rh), 28°C (82.4°F) maximum temperature, non-condensing
  • Storage – 5% to 95% relative humidity (Rh), 101.7°F (38.7°C) maximum temperature, non-condensing

Dimensions & WEIGHT

  • 4.29 cm (H) x 43.46 cm (W) x 70.7 cm (D) – 16.27 kg


Item NumberDescription
NX-PW-2002x 100G QSFP28 interfaces with 200G data throughput
NX-PW-4004x 100G QSFP28 interfaces with 400G data throughput

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Datasheet Download - PacketWolf- Advanced Packet Processing Appliance
Data Sheet PacketWolf

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