PacketRaven Virtual - Virtual/Cloud/VM Network TAP

Maximise your network visibility
with our cost-efficient and virtual
Next Generation Network Packet Broker platform!

With our Network Packet Broker product family NEOXPacketTiger you do not compromise on security, performance and end-to-end quality of service.

Today’s network infrastructure has to do a lot, while functioning 24×7 without interruptions and providing critical applications with the necessary data connections. The advantages of virtual data centres, cloud solutions and SD-WAN technologies are obvious.

Due to higher complexity of communication channels, you often lack transparency in both physical and virtual networks. But without this visibility, threats can go undetected and reduce the performance of your security and monitoring tools.

The increased shift from physical systems to virtual and hybrid environments presents network managers with unprecedented challenges when it comes to performance quality and enterprise security. Because of this migration to the cloud and virtual environments, your existing physical monitoring, analytics and security tools lose access to your critical network traffic, further degrading visibility.

In addition, new solutions are currently being deployed in virtual form, posing another challenge to the network infrastructure.

With NEOXPacketTiger we provide you with a Network Packet Broker solution to meet the requirements for more visibility and transparency in both physical and virtual network environments. This gives SecOps and NetOps the comprehensive and necessary functions of a hybrid Network Packet Broker that you need for your security and monitoring tools.

PacketTigerVirtual - Case Example Diagram
Virtual Network Packet Broker Application Scenario


Icon - GTP Correlation + GTP Inner IP Load Balancing + IMSI Filtering
GTP Correlation +
GTP Inner IP
Load Balancing
+ IMSI Filtering
Icon - Physical and virtual NICs
Connects with
physical and
virtual NICs
Icon - Virtual Environments
Virtual environments:
ESXi, OpenStack,
Docker Container
Icon - Transparency for Physical + Virtual Networks
Uniform network transparency across
virtual and
physical networks
Icon - Multiple Management Options
Several management options (CLI, SSH, SNMP V2/V3, WEB UI, Net CONF and REST API)
Icon - Administration via NEOX Device Manager


Features Benefits
Aggregation Aggregate and redirect network traffic for further processing
Replication Allow multiple tools to analyse the same traffic
Inner Tunnel Filtering Filtering according to inner tunnel parameters (GTP, VXLAN, L2TP)
GRE Tunnelling Interconnection of Packet Brokers across multiple sites using L3GRE & NVGRE protocol
Filtering Filtering out unnecessary network traffic with conditional 5-tuple classifiers
User Defined Filters (UDF) Track packets that match a specific “window” in incoming traffic
AND/OR/NOT Operatoren Simplify the operation of the Packet Broker with logical filter actions
Copy Enable orthogonal filter paths for the same network traffic
Layer-7 Filtering Perform DPI and identify thousands of Layer 7 protocols
Regex Filtering Identification and filtering of data traffic (stream- or packet-based) containing certain strings
Weighted Load Balancing Distribute traffic across multiple tools and prevent over-subscription
Session Tracking Track the entire session once the desired pattern has been identified
Port Labelling Track packet path by adding VLAN tags that indicate its ingress port
Header Stripping Remove headers (MPLS, VLAN, PPP, QinQ, VN-TAG, VXLAN, GRE, GTP, L2TP, Geneve)
Header Editing Modify MAC, VLAN and IP headers
Deduplication Maximize tool performance by eliminating duplicated packets
Data Masking Protect sensitive data by overwriting it before it is sent to the tools
Packet Slicing Reduce data overload by removing packet payload and/or any unnecessary data
Meta-data Extraction Generate Metadata to Syslog or Kafka servers
Capping & Sampling Reduce traffic by sampling traffic and/or limiting rates
Time Stamping Enhances network visibility with nanosecond time stamping capabilities
Capture & Replay Capture PCAP files in filter granularity and replay for further analysis
De-Fragmentation Assemble packet fragments to complete packets
IPFIX/NetFlow Generation and distribution of IPFIX/NetFlow flows
Management Web UI, SSH, CLI, SNMP, Net CONF, REST API



  • Providing network visibility for virtual network traffic
  • Redirection of virtual network traffic to monitoring tools in physical and/or virtual environments
  • Use of physical monitoring tools when migrating to virtual environments
  • Optimise virtual and physical monitoring tools by filtering data
  • Balance between physical and virtual monitoring tools


Item No.
NX-PBPT-VM Software incl. 1 year maintenance & support,
Subscription licence includes the use of 2 CPU cores
NX-PBPT-L1 Extension of the subscription licence by 1 CPU core
NX-PBPT-L5 Extension of the subscription licence by 5 CPU cores
NX-PBPT-L10 Extension of the subscription licence by 10 CPU cores

For different
GTP Correlation
& Filtering
Inner IP LB &
Tunnel Filtering
Filtering OSI L2-L4 & Regex-Filtering
OSI L2-L4 &
RegEx Filtering
Filter-Add  -User Defined Filtering UDF
User Defined Filters
Header Stripping
& Editing
Data Masking
Packet Slicing & Filtering
Packet Slicing
Meta-Data Extraction
Hardware based Nanosecond Timestamping
Capture & Replay
IPFIX/Netflow Export
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PacketTigerVirtual Datasheet Cover
Datasheet PacketTigerVirtual
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