PacketRavenVirtual - Virtual/Cloud/VM Network TAP

For secure and reliable access to network data
invirtualandcloud environments

With the increase in the use of virtual, cloud-based and hybrid environments in the enterprise space, the number of blind spots on the network has also increased, making much-needed, 100 per cent visibility of network traffic impossible.

But without visibility into your East-West traffic, how do you know if danger is currently looming or that you haven’t already been compromised?

NEOXPacketRavenVirtual is a virtual Network TAP and provides physical and virtual security and monitoring tools with complete network visibility across virtualised private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

Simply installed using a Debian package, you immediately get full visibility of virtual machine (VM) traffic (including traffic between VMs) for monitoring security, availability and performance in native Linux systems and cloud environments without impacting performance or architectures and without having to make changes to your network infrastructure.

Advantages over Virtual Port Mirroring

The often used and already existing (virtual) SPAN/Mirror port is unsuitable for professional purposes, as it lacks some important features that the TAP offers.

Whereas with port mirroring the entire data traffic to be mirrored is sent to all destinations (security/monitoring tools), with the Virtual NEOX TAP a much more granular, such as an n:1 (aggregation) or a 1:n (regeneration) allocation is possible. Furthermore, with the TAP it is also possible to mirror the traffic per direction, i.e. the incoming, the outgoing or the complete network traffic.

Furthermore, the NEOX-TAP offers the possibility to connect to physical devices via GRE/VxLAN tunneling, which is difficult or impossible with port mirroring.
Another feature is the use of stateful filtering (connection-oriented filtering) to copy out only the data that is relevant and to relieve the connected tools. Filter criteria on OSI layers 2-4 are supported.

And last but not least, there is the danger that cloud providers can restrict mirrored port mirror traffic according to their terms and conditions. This would result in partial or even total loss of network transparency.


  • Available for various environments: Linux OS, Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, AWS, VMWare, Docker etc.
  • No restrictions in terms of network speed
  • More reliable alternative to virtual port mirroring
  • OSI Layer 2-4 stateful filtering (connection-oriented filtering) possible
  • Multiple GRE/VxLAN tunnels possible
  • Supports Aggregation and Regeneration modes or n:1 and 1:n
  • Easy to install (Debian package, Docker image) and intuitive to configure
  • Programmed, developed and tested in Germany

Volle Netzwerktransparenz
Full Network
Keine Beeinträchtigung
No impairment
of data traffic
100% Netzwerkdaten
network data
Verschiedene Umgebungen
For different
Hohe Netzwerkgeschwindigkeiten
network speed
Flexibel einsetzbar
Port-Mirroring Alternative
Alternative to virtual
Port Mirroring
Leicht zu installieren
Easy to install
& configure
GRE/VxLAN Tunneling
OSI Layer 2-4 Stateful Filtering
OSI Layer 2-4
Stateful Filtering
Aggregation n:1
Regeneration 1:n
Replication 1:n
Entworfen, assembliert, zertifiziert und getestet in Deutschland
Developed & programmed
in Germany


PacketRavenVirtual - Virtual Network TAP - Use Case Diagram - with Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers,...
Virtual Network TAP – Diagram – with physical Network TAPs, (Virtual) Network Packet Brokers, …

Strengthening security defenses

Several malware variants have been optimized for use in virtual environments and Virtual TAPs are the best defense against costly cyber threats in virtual environments.
They allow security risks to be detected remotely. Without visibility into your East-West traffic, you can‘t know if you haven‘t already been compromised?

Reduce performance issues

Network and data center outages can be costly and sometimes existentially threatening. Virtual TAPs give you access to performance data in your virtual data center.
Virtual data TAPs give you the visibility you need to perform trend analysis, avoid potential component problems, and troubleshoot operational issues.

Consolidate compliance initiatives

Many organizations need visibility into virtual environments to comply with service level agreements (SLAs) and other industry regulations (e.g., HIPAA in healthcare, PCI-DSS for financial card transactions, SOX in the enterprise).
By collecting data from your virtual data center and exporting it to your existing compliance tools, you have complete network visibility when combined with physical data center data, and you can also prove that visibility during a compliance audit.


  • Supported Cloud Platforms (Public): Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Supported Virtualization Platforms (Private):VMWare, Docker, Hyper-V, KVM
  • Supported Operating Systems: Linux OS, kernel 4.2 or higher
  • Installation Type: Docker-Image, Debian-Package


Item No. License Type
PRV-SUB-1Y Virtual NEOX Network TAP
with 1 year subscription including software maintenance and technical support
PRV-SUB-3Y Virtual NEOX Network TAP
with 3 years subscription including software maintenance and technical support
PRV-SUB-5Y Virtual NEOX Network TAP
with 5 years subscription including software maintenance and technical support

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NEOX Virtual Network TAP Presentation
Presentation PacketRavenVirtual

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