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The NE-ONE family of hardware and virtual Network Emulators provides the most complete and realistic network impairment library allowing you to easily mimic what happens in real-world networks. With more than 100 parameters to choose from NE-ONE combines realism and accuracy in a Software Defined Test Network that allows you to test applications over a range of controllable and repeatable scenarios.

Furthermore, each impairment function has multiple parameters allowing you to customize its behavior for your specific testing needs. NE-ONE’s impairments are frequently updated based on evolving networks and customer needs.


  • Fast Flexible Deployment – Install on your desk, in the test lab or seamlessly integrate with enterprise production networks.
  • Ease of Use – Intuitive web interface designed for anyone from the network expert to network novice.
  • Superior Realism – Choose from a library of network impairments to accurately recreate real-world network conditions.
  • Operational Scaling – Point-to-point to fully meshed, 2 to 100 ports, single user to multiple teams, there is an NE-ONE for everyone.
  • Network Topology Wizard – Build your test network in seconds using dynamic predefined templates.
  • Network Scenario Builder – Create chronological network experiences using built-in transitions to mimic what happens when networks change in the real-world
  • Rapid Analysis – Get a clear view of application performance over the test network using built-in graphs, statistics, packet capture and reports saving you valuable time.
  • Advanced Integration – Create test networks on-demand, dynamically change parameters, connect external tools or create your own functions, the possibilities are endless.

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NE-ONE Professional Network Emulators

Point-to-Point – 100 Mbps to 10Gbps

Create Test Networks in seconds using an intuitive GUI, Auto-Configuration and the unique Network Scenario Builder & Player.

  • Intuitive & Intelligent Web GUI enables you to setup and run emulations or scenarios in seconds
  • Auto-Configuration removes the guess work
  • Built-in Geolocation Latency Calculator to help you estimate geographical latency with more accuracy
  • Network Scenario Builder with Multi-Link transitions allowing multiple network experiences to be applied
  • Out-of-the-Box Example Network Scenarios
  • Dual Hop / Last Mile Capability
  • Graphs, Statistics & Packet Capture
  • Multi-User Capability
  • CLI & API for easy integration into your existing test set-up
  • Choose free flow of network traffic when there is no emulation running
  • Built-in Backup and Restore Feature

NE-ONE Professional Network Emulator

NE-ONE Enterprise Network Emulators

Fully-Meshed – 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps


Redesigned from the ground up and drawing on over 15 years of experience in the field, the new NE-ONE Enterprise edition (formerly known as INE Enterprise and INE Ultra) is leading the way in Network Emulation. Backed by ISO 9001:2015 certification for the development and provision of Software Defined Test Network products and associated support you can be sure of a quality product that’s made to the highest standards.

NE-ONE Enterprise - Network Emulator

NE-ONE Family – Comparison

Edition Professional Enterprise
Linkspeed and FIFO Queue Bytes
Linkspeed with Variable Congestion
QoS Class Bandwidth
QoS Class Bandwidth using Expressions
Gaussian (Normal Distribution) Delay
Step Delay Periodic
Step Delay Packet
Fixed Delay
Fixed Delay with Jitter
Random Delay
Delay Sequences
Delay Scenarios
Inter Packet Gap
Random Drop with Burst
Poisson Drop
Packet Error – 1 in X Bits
Burst Loss
Drop – 1 in X
Random Drop
CLOUD NETWORK (Represent a Core Network in a Single Object)
Cost (TTL)
Error with Burst
Poisson Error
Random Packet Error
Random Packet Corrupt
Packet Duplicate & Move
Random Packet Time Reorder
Random Packet Move Offset
Packet Reorder 1 in X
Fragment MTU
Pause Transmission
Edition Professional Enterprise
Scenario Builder Network Transitions
Gradual – Changes parameters gradually (linearly)
Variable – Changes parameters randomly
Outage – Creates an increasingly lossy network, followed by total loss, then comes back quickly but not instantly
None – Changes parameters immediately between scenarios

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