Network Forensics Appliance
for professional investigations of network intrusions and
security incidents by analysing historical and real-time network data

NEW NEOXPacketFalcon Compact Network Forensics and Packet Capturing Appliance available
NEW NEOXPacketFalcon Compact Network Forensics and Packet Capturing Appliance available

(Langen/Germany Sep. 24, 2021) NEOX Networks, a leading solution provider and manufacturer of network monitoring and analysis solutions, now offers a compact version of its successful PacketFalcon network forensics appliance.

What is a network forensics appliance and what is it needed for?

Network availability as well as functionality are essential nowadays even in many small and medium-sized enterprises. But networks are becoming faster and more complex, and the security attacks they are exposed to are becoming more sophisticated.

This is why it is now essential to build up transparency through permanent access to network data in order to be able to carry out detailed security analyses of data traffic – both in real time and with regard to historical data. This is ensured by the use of an effective network forensics appliance.

Why a PacketFalcon?

For several years now, NEOX Networks has been offering a professional, highly portable and modularly expandable network forensics appliance with its 100G PacketFalcon solution.

However, as many companies still have 10G and 40G networks in use, NEOX Networks has decided to offer a more cost-efficient PacketFalcon solution for these networks – the PacketFalcon Compact.

The PacketFalcon Compact offers 100% line rate capture for recording and analysis of up to 40Gbps without packet loss. This ensures that security analysts have the critical network data they need, unaltered and complete. This is the only way to ensure that a network-level security investigation is possible.

Another advantage of the PacketFalcon is that it can be installed in a server rack, but due to its low weight of only 12kg and its optionally available transport case, it can also be used mobile directly at the customer’s site.

It is suitable for both local analyses and analyses from distributed and remote locations. Due to its integrated API, it can also be used for automation purposes and can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Powerful hardware

On the hardware side, the PacketFalcon Compact impresses with its robust design, optional up to 61 TB of storage space, a high-performance FPGA capture card from Napatech and an optionally available hard-shell transport case. Thanks to the ultra-fast NVMes, the PacketFalcon Compact masters the necessary performance to write away data in real time without losses.

In addition, the appliance supports nanosecond hardware-based timestamping, which can be extended to include PTP (IEEE1588v2).

Award-winning software from LiveAction

Linux is used as the operating system and LiveAction’s award-winning network forensics suite “LiveCapture” as the analysis software. The intuitive WebGUI allows easy access to all required network data. Hardware and software filters can be used to further narrow down and examine packages of interest.

Watch Your Network

Timur Özcan, Managing Director of NEOX Networks, comments: “Unfortunately, many executives still believe that virus scanners and firewalls are sufficient to guarantee network security. Nowadays, more than ever, many companies are in the focus of cyber criminals and are continuously threatened with new methods. Compromises usually go undetected for months as there is often no visible damage, presenting businesses with another difficult challenge.”

He adds, “It is possible to insure against business interruption and cyberattacks nowadays, but as is often the case, this usually only covers part of the total damage caused. Only up-to-date network forensics and analysis can effectively prevent this, or help investigate a security incident to identify the entry point to the network so it can be closed to further attacks.”


If you do not have sufficient experience in network forensics and packet capturing, NEOX Networks also offers introductory trainings on site or at their premises in Langen near Frankfurt/Main.

Product presentation

The NEOXPacketFalcon product family is only one of several innovative NEOX product families with new additions. Other new products were the PacketLion and PacketTiger Network Packet Brokers, and the modular and portable PacketRaven Network TAPs.

If you are interested in learning more about the NEOXPacketFalcon appliance or other solutions from the NEOX product range, please visit NEOX Networks at it-sa in Nuremberg/Germany (Oct. 12-14, 2021) at the LiveAction partner booth in Hall 7a, Booth 414a.


The new NEOXPacketFalcon Compact can be ordered immediately directly from NEOX Networks starting at a price of 29.900 EURO.
For a quote, please contact our sales department at or on +49 6103 37215-910.

We will be happy to consult you and look forward to hearing from you!