New models with PoE power supply and
for critical infrastructure (CRITIS) available

NEW Network TAPs - PoE-Empowered and 100M Multimode Fiber Network TAPs
NEW PoE-Empowered and CRITIS compliant Network TAPs available

(Langen/Germany Sep. 16, 2021) NEOX NETWORKS, a leading solution provider and manufacturer for network monitoring and analysis solutions announces the availability of new TAP models.

What are TAPs and what are they used for?

TAPs (Test Access Port) are used for the secure and reliable tapping of network data. TAPs are looped into the network line to be monitored and forward the entire data traffic without interruption and without packet loss. TAPs are usually used to forward network traffic to an IPS, IDS, WAF, NDR, network packet broker, analysis system or security tool.

The often used and already existing SPAN/Mirror port on network switches, on the other hand, is unsuitable for professional purposes. Since it is not immune to compromise, it cannot guarantee unaltered data transmission without packet loss. This is a circumstance that attackers can easily exploit.

What’s new?

PacketRaven Copper TAPs previously offered the possibility of being operated via redundant AC/DC power supplies or via 12-48V DC voltage. Now it is possible to power them additionally or exclusively via PoE (Power over Ethernet).

For many aging infrastructure and IoT areas, 100Mbit fibre is still essential and cannot be easily upgraded. In order to be able to tap these in a contemporary manner, NEOX was one of the first providers to bring a 100Mbit Fiber TAP onto the market.

PoE-Empowered as a unique selling point

Many manufacturers now offer TAPs with PoE functionality. However, this PoE functionality is almost always limited to “PoE passthrough”. In this case, the voltage provided via PoE is “passed on” at the network port to the connected devices such as IP cameras, VoIP telephones, WLAN access points or other PoE-capable devices. This does not provide power to the TAP itself.

As one of the first manufacturers worldwide, NEOX Networks provides a Network TAP that not only loops through a power supply via PoE, but can also be supplied with power itself via PoE.

We increase the security of nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants and other critical infrastructures from the 80s/90s still rely on 100Mbit fibre connections in many places. A changeover to faster data connections is technically very complex and is often not foreseen for compliance reasons.

NEOX is now one of the few manufacturers to offer the possibility of increasing security in CRITIS environments with the help of a 100Base-FX Multimode Fiber TAP.

A year of innovations

The product family of NEOXPacketRaven Network TAPs has grown steadily in recent months. Other product innovations included 400G TAPs, special breakout-only TAPs, MTP Fiber TAPs and additional certifications.

Timur Özcan, Managing Director of NEOX NETWORKS: “We are proud to be able to offer more and more innovative solutions made in Germany. The PoE-Empowered-TAP is one of the first worldwide, the 100M-Fiber-TAPs is a niche product but highly desired in some critical industrial fields. And in the next 1-2 weeks we will also be able to offer specially hardened high-security TAPs that meet the cybersecurity standard IEC 62443.”


The new NEOXPacketRaven Network TAPs are available for immediate order directly from NEOX Networks.
For a quote, please contact our sales department at or on +49 6103 37215-910.

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