NT50B01 SmartNIC
with Link-Capture™ software
2×1/10G, 2×10/25G

The SmartNIC enables real-time network data capture at speeds of 50 Gbps and without packet loss. Nanosecond-accurate timestamping and packet merging from multiple ports ensures correct timing and ordering of packets. The SmartNIC can also be used to replay network traffic with nanosecond accuracy for analysis, test and simulation.
The SmartNIC also supports tunneling protocols such as GTP, IP-in-IP, NVGRE, and VxLAN, and can remove, segment, and filter packets to reduce the amount of data and reduce the load on the server system and applications. The SmartNIC also supports processing up to 25 million flows to effectively handle application-intensive processes. The SmartNIC is also NEBS Level 3 compliant.

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