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LiveAction simplifies
the management of complex enterprise networks
with its patented visualization capabilities

LiveAction ensures superior end-user experience and networked application performance by providing comprehensive dashboards, alerts, reports, troubleshooting, and workflows that shorten the time to IT operations solution.

Increase network department efficiency in policy verification, and maintain performance, automate incident management workflow alerts with IT Service Management and provide the network department with current and historical performance visualizations.

SDN and multi-cloud redesign capabilities, path and performance records, and 3-click interruption for troubleshooting in end-to-end multi-domain, multi-cloud, and multi-vendor environments.

Network Performance Management

Network Performance Management

Insights into Applications
and End User Experiencer

SD-WAN Monitoring

SD-WAN Monitoring

Planning, Deployment
and Operation

QoS Management

QoS Monitoring and Control

Quality of Service Management
for Critical Applications

Network Monitoring for Service Providers

Network Service Assurance
for Service Providers

Network Data Analytics

Network Data Analytics

Smarter Machines
Improve Performance

Endpoint Monitoring

Endpoint Monitoring

Insight Into User Behavior
and Impact on the Network



Accelerate troubleshooting
with real-time visibility

Service insurance

Service Assurance

Digital Experiences Rely
on Network Service Assurance

ext Generation of Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

Next-Gen NPMD

Delivering the Next Generation of Network Performance Monitoring
and Diagnostics

Network Performance Management

Network Performance Management

Applications increase organizational productivity,
but seeing the details is hardly possible

More and more organizations rely on SaaS and other cloud-based applications to keep their business running, but it is difficult to see all network activity including applications and endpoints. A single platform can help you holistically manage your company’s network performance.

Improve usability

Break down an enterprise-wide topology map to a specific interface and application traffic to contextualize, analyze, and proactively control the parameters that impact your user experience.

Simplification of IT operations

LiveNX provides a single, unified view of your entire network environment to better manage performance, dashboard, and service-level metrics reporting, promote collaboration between organizations, and reduce operational costs by eliminating wasted resources.

Shorter time to resolution

Close incidents on the first call and avoid escalations. Bandwidth-intensive services such as Voice over IP, unified communications and multimedia websites require end-to-end capabilities to quickly identify and resolve problems. LiveNX provides complete visibility into QoS policies and data path configurations with visibility into network devices and interface parameters, so performance issues such as jitter and packet loss are quickly identified and resolved.

Automated dashboards and reports

Little or no visibility into the behavior of end-to-end applications makes your business vulnerable to productivity losses and disappointed customers. If network and IT operations do not have the insight to know whether the application or network is affecting the experience, blame will be attributed and the incident will take longer to resolve.

SD-WAN Monitoring

SD-WAN Monitoring

LiveNX provides unified SD WAN performance management
at every stage of planning, verification and operations

Use the LiveNX platform to simplify operational complexity with extensive visual analysis for advanced SD WAN reporting and troubleshooting to ensure continuous monitoring and control of your network environment.

Realizable insights about your Cisco SD WAN portfolio

LiveAction is a trusted Cisco Solution Partner with deep insights into the architectures of Cisco Viptela, Meraki and IWAN. LiveNX aggregates telemetry and API data and delivers continuous performance visibility across applications, tunnel overlay, sites, devices, and service provider transport to provide a complete view of your SD WAN environment.

PLANNING: SD WAN Baseline and Benchmarking

Moving from a local router architecture to a cloud-based control architecture requires planning. Before you start working with LiveNX, be sure to check it out. With LiveNX, it all begins with benchmarking performance parameters for end users, applications, networks and multi-cloud services to input into policy design and SLA parameters.

VERIFY: SD WAN Application Performance Management

LiveNX provides a complete visualization of SD WAN guidelines for: Applications, VPN, DSCP, and Service Provider tunnels to verify and monitor end-to-end service performance.

Transport flexibility is a core principle of SD WAN. LiveNX Geo’s topology view provides Network Engineering with tunnel overlay connectivity maps to quickly review policy design to know it’s working as expected.

With application bandwidth consumption, QoS tagging and policy verification, Operations now has the reporting data it needs to troubleshoot SD WAN errors, quickly isolate problems and find the cause of a faster MTTR.

OPERATION: Comprehensive visual analysis
for rapid problem review,
detection and isolation

LiveNX provides full visualization of SD WAN application policies, tunnel overlays, traffic paths, and end-to-end service performance. Dashboards, alerts, reports, and rapid troubleshooting continuously monitor application performance to ensure that the end user has a positive experience.

Deep insights and reports on application behavior
for excellent operation

Monitor and continuously evaluate application performance across the network. LiveNX’s real-time network topology maps enable network operations teams to monitor traffic, application performance and bandwidth, and report on pre- and post-environments.

Integrate Cisco SD WAN (Meraki) into your business while LiveNX supports you. With value-added performance monitoring for network and application visibility, LiveNX provides service provider capacity utilization, location-to-site traffic types, service class and application delays, and more. LiveNX provides end-to-end service security for your WiFi environments throughout your enterprise.

QoS Monitoring and Management

QoS Monitoring and  Management

Quickly identifying the root cause of complex speech,
video and application problems is a challenge
that can be almost impossible to address

As new voice, video and critical applications are added to the network, the challenge of configuring highly complex QoS policies across multiple devices to support these applications can be daunting. Using CLI to deploy a policy before a new service rollout can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Manage QoS to improve network efficiency

View, analyze, and control service-influencing QoS configurations and policies to proactively deliver service security every day for your entire organization.

Detect the impact on voice, video, and critical applications

Understand QoS performance for individual interfaces, applications, and classes to determine the size, scope, and nature of the impact of policies on critical applications. Proactive monitoring of critical service quality enables you to resolve problems before they are reported by end users.

Implement QoS policies quickly and accurately

Reduce configuration errors with easy-to-use, rule-based QoS policies and templates. The ability to automatically store, back up, and deploy scheduled configuration changes means policies are consistent and accurate across the network. Use real-time performance reporting when enforcing policies to quickly identify and fix errors.

Faster implementation of policy changes
in an intuitive graphical user interface

A graphical user interface replaces the output of command line information with real-time graphics and an easy-to-understand policy viewer. QoS policy reports provide more detailed information about configuration settings, performance issues, crashes, and policy errors.

Network Monitoring for Service Providers

Expertise and partnerships of LiveAction with service providers

The LiveSP and LiveMSP solutions are used massively by the largest global service providers, T2-T3 service providers and managed service providers who want to simplify/improve their existing reporting solution and offer up-sell services to their customers. With more than 600,000+ devices monitored by LiveAction solutions, we pride ourselves on LiveAction’s expertise and partnerships with service providers.

Monitor the customer WAN with the powerful LiveSP Reporting Platform

Unify WAN, LAN, DC and SD WAN into a powerful reporting platform that simplifies the complexity of network technologies. The solution is fully automated and tailored so you can sell services and help your teams focus more on customer needs.

Improve customer satisfaction with LiveMSP NPMD

Streamline communications with your enterprise customers with visualization capabilities that range from high-level overviews to detailed network performance topologies. Network and application performance diagnostics provide customers with a complete overview of their networks and applications. You can give them the ability to customize their own reports and dashboards.

Scalable multi-tenant platform

In LiveSP, you can host up to 300,000 network devices on a single platform, 1000 customers, and an unlimited number of applications. You can define resources per user and per customer (reports, dashboards, alerts, custom applications, map, etc.).

Multiple SD WAN providers

Both LiveSP and LiveMSP support multiple SD WAN technologies in a single user interface. Leverage existing legacy network devices on the same visualization platform. You can use several providers and do not have to worry about multiplication for the monitoring platforms. One interface to manage them all.

Extended reporting functions

Streamline the creation of SLA reports for enterprise customers and their diverse internal audiences with leadership overviews and detailed visualization for technical experts.

From flows to packages

With the LiveMSP solution, you offer your customers the ability to leverage the entire LiveAction portfolio to get from the high-level view to the troubleshooting view to the package-level analysis.

Easy integration with the IT of the service provider

Highly customizable solution designed to meet the efficiency of service providers despite IT constraints. You can expand the platform horizontally or vertically, customize the look and feel, rename the platform with your own logos, automate user authentication, standardize customer reporting, divide services geographically and security-wise, and comply with DSGVO regulations.

Application Performance Management

Increase the relevance of WAN monitoring to enable complete application management across LANs, external networks and applications.

Network Data Analytics

The Challenges of Network Complexity

As networks become faster, more agile and more intelligent, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the devices, tools, users, and applications running on them. Without a comprehensive view into network performance and predictive insights into what’s about to happen, IT organizations risk significant financial losses and customer confidence.

Proactively Prevent Problems Before They Impact Business

Prevent end user experience problems before they occur with a network data analytics tool platform that provides proactive insight into potential issues so you can prevent major incidents from impacting business. Machine learning and behavioral analytics provide additional insight into the chain of interconnected technology, processes and any rapid changes.

Proactive Insights for Preventative Actions

LiveInsight uses machine learning to help prevent network problems before they occur.

Detect Anomalous Behavior in Your Network

LiveInsight learns baseline trends, identifies anomalies and automatically notifies the team.

Keep Human Intelligence at the Center of Problem Solving

LiveInsight uses machine learning to gather real-time network data and learns the behavior of devices, applications, and users on the network. By keeping a human-in-the-loop, IT organizations get better insights to make better decisions.

Endpoint Monitoring

Endpoint Monitoring

Knowing the activity of end users is challenging
even on a good day

Most endpoint network management tools deliver incomplete, time-limited performance data, creating gaps for IT teams while exposing organizations to unacceptable risks and unnecessary costs.

Continuous endpoint visibility and control

Continuous data collection from any managed endpoint across mobile, cloud, virtual machines, laptops and IoT devices gives you better visibility into systems, user behavior, network connections, application, binary and process data.

Eliminate unmanaged IT resources

LiveNX, in conjunction with LiveAgent, provides complete visibility and continuous discovery of all connected devices – physical and virtual – across the network, outside the network, in the data center and in the cloud. Through continuous, passive detection, LiveAgent avoids time-accurate, active scanning that lacks seldom-connected assets and risks triggering security tool alerts. LiveAgent provides extensive data and captures each device, including IP address, hostname, MAC address, device manufacturer, and device type.

Proactive management of systems

Improve helpdesk operations and average repair time with LiveAgent’s device monitoring, proactive system analysis, troubleshooting and repair capabilities.

LiveAgent enables IT resource discovery and inventory, software discovery, foreground and background usage tracking, and ongoing license simplification. Continuous monitoring of device health supports risk management through continuous policy review and enforcement, vulnerability analysis, and patch deployments.

Continuous monitoring, alarming and measures

Monitor and continuously evaluate application performance across the network. LiveNX real-time network topology maps enable network operations teams to view and document the traffic, performance, and bandwidth of top applications.




When users complain about a slow network, we all know that it is often not the network, but network engineers need to be able to check both the network and the application used to determine the root cause.

Measuring network latency compared to application latency is the proof the network engineer needs. Latency monitoring can help determine whether problems are limited to a specific user or server or more global, but simple latency monitoring lacks the details necessary to correlate areas of latency with other relevant statistics, including other network traffic occurring at that time.

Questions like this arise:

  • Is the network slowdown due to my network or applications?
  • How do I create a baseline for application and network usage?
  • How much of my network bandwidth is used by my critical applications?


Use Omnipliance and Insight to capture packets in the appropriate network segment. This allows you to view network and application latency across multiple segments, determine excessive bandwidth consumers, and monitor network utilization. With Spotlight, you can instantly see the worst working datastreams in your network and, if necessary, look into the packets associated with those streams.

Service insurance

Service insurance

Visual analysis provides situational awareness
for managing a secure digital experience

Little or no visibility into end-to-end application behavior across the network makes your business vulnerable to productivity losses and disappointed customers due to poor application service. Network and IT departments lack the insight to know whether the application or network is impacting the user experience, resulting in the user’s finger pointing to the incident and taking longer to resolve.

End-to-end network visibility

Consistent network transparency provides insights to ensure smooth business operations and achieve service level agreements. Improve usability through operational insight, proactive anomaly detection, performance dashboards, and reporting to meet quality and governance standards.

Better digital experience means
satisfied customers and productive employees

Every business depends on providing or delivering amazing digital experiences. This requires reliable networks that consistently exceed user expectations. With service insurance, organizations know that network policies, configurations, and traffic management help their organizations operate at peak performance.

Business owners rely on IT to get to the solution faster

Allow your network engineering and operations teams to make good decisions. The LiveNX performance and analysis platform provides the ability to view, analyze and control relevant network policies and parameters. This gives network engineers and operational teams the assurance that network services will maintain availability and meet the critical business needs of today’s digital enterprise.

Detect, isolate and block intruders

Safety engineers are proactively informed of abnormal behavior. Through Multiple Data Set (MDS) analysis, LiveNX provides real-time path maps, app groups, and tunnel analysis across the WAN, data center, and campus fabrics to detect, isolate, and block malicious data.

Consistent service quality

Class of Service defines how your traffic is handled by each individual network device. With LiveNX, network engineers and IT administrators have precise control over QoS policies, configurations and queuing at every location, device and interface. This is a comprehensive control of the service quality that is available to you.

Next Generation
Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

ext Generation of Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

Flow gives you...

… a comprehensive understanding of network performance and application impact, especially when integrated with control data accessed via SNMP and APIs.

Packages give you...

… a look at your network that only line data can provide, and the ability to diagnose problems with precision and efficiency that otherwise would not be possible.

Taken together...

… makes your entire network visible with end-to-end monitoring, comprehensive analysis and deep diagnostics, from the WAN edge to the data center core.

If you know LiveNX...

… then you know LiveAction has the industry’s most advanced visualization engine, aggregating flow, SNMP, and API-based data for unprecedented visibility and control.

If you know LiveCapture and Omnipeek...

… then you know that LiveCapture is the fastest and most powerful network traffic analytical acquisition application that sends data to Omnipeek, the industry’s most advanced protocol analysis software.

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